Wednesday Hodgepodge – How do I group these questions?

1. February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It lands on the calendar one day after National Do Something for a Grouch Day (February 16) which somehow feels related. Perhaps the 16th inspired the 17th?

Tell about a time you performed a random act of kindness or were the recipient of one. Will you make an effort to perform a random act of kindness on the 17th? Share details if you’re so inclined, and if you have something specific in mind.

Wow, is this ever timely! As I wrote yesterday, I had a flat tire and a college kid stopped by and helped me. My husband and I were unable to loosen the lug nuts and once Ash left (he had to go to work) and I was waiting for the tow truck, this dude walks by and says that last week, his truck had the same issue and someone stopped and helped him. So he wanted to do the same for someone else. I was really surprised because I was just thinking how few people even gave me a second look there, parked right along a busy road and stranded. 

I will say that I try to do nice things at random times for people. Because I notice that in our internet addicted and ever-connected world, it seems like people are far less interested in helping in those kinds of tough situations like I was in. In some ways, people are all up in your business and then in others, they totally butt out. And I think perhaps a lot of folks have it backwards in terms of when they should and should not choose to get involved.

2.What’s the most uplifting or encouraging thing you see happening in the world right now? You may have to dig deep for this one.

OK, so this is on a very small scale but when we went camping this past weekend, an acquaintance of ours was there but not with the three kids we know he has but with these two 5 year old twins. It turns out that they are his wife’s sister’s kids. She has a restraining order and her husband is in prison. So our friend and his wife adopted them and it has been a challenge. They have been neglected the majority of their lives so they have behaviour problems, etc. It’s nice to see someone stepping up for kids, even though I am sure it is very difficult.
3. Black olives, black currants, black grapes, black beans, blackberries, Oreos…your favorite food the color of night? Your least favorite on the list?

Hmm, I love blackberries but might have to go with Oreos on this one. None of those things I dislike so I can’t put any at the bottom.
4. A while back I read (here) a list of twelve things you should do before you turn 50. They were-

travel when you have the chance, take care of your skin, learn a foreign language, make exercise a habit, leave a toxic situation, stop caring what others think about you, stop worrying, volunteer, spend time with your grandparents, pledge to work less, learn to cook an amazing dish, and seize an opportunity as it arises

What do you think of the list? What would you add or remove and why? If you’re over 50, have you done all 12? If you’re not yet 50, have you done any at all? What’s on the list that you haven’t done, but would like to do?

I definitely agree with the list and think those are all accomplishable and commendable. I can’t think of any I’d add except to maybe talk less and listen more. I’d say I have done most and attempted all. I’m not 50 yet so I have some time!

5. Besides the classic Christmas flicks, what’s your favorite film where winter plays a part in the setting?

Groundhog Day! Hands down, best wintry movie.

6.When did you last feel helpless, and what did you do about it?

I can’t think of anything recently right off the bat but of course, each pregnancy left me feeling very helpless at times. When it got overwhelming and annoying, what could I do but accept the fact I was just trapped with this parasite growing inside me? So yeah, that’s a pretty helpless feeling.

7. Share a favorite proverb.

I always liked waste not, want not. I think it’s very true and a good way to live your life.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I was in such a bad mood yesterday but I honestly cannot place why. Right around noon I just felt super sad. I texted my husband and he really cheered me up. I can usually count on him to come to my rescue. I admit sometimes I think I expect him to do it even when I haven’t expressed the need. So speaking of proverbs, another that fits is The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I definitely need to be more aware of that. Either way, I feel much better today. I have a venti latte, my students are getting a digital portfolio presentation in class so I don’t have to think much, and I just have a better outlook on life. So, yay!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – How do I group these questions?

  1. That is so awesome for someone to step up and take on children who are not their own. I think it was awesome they were out camping. Nature has a way of being therapy. Have an awesome week!

  2. I think there are many people out there quietly doing good, and sometimes doing good is hard. I wish we heard more of those stories than what fills the news. I admire your friends for stepping up to what I’m sure has it’s challenges.

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