MMMM + Camping recap

Firstly, let me say that today is a “not enough coffee in the world” kind of day. I certainly got enough sleep but I just can’t seem to think clearly. I even had a bit more time to prepare this morning because Dakota’s daycare is closed, so I didn’t have to trek that way through town. I do however, have to get some stuff done, teach, then go swap places with my husband. Kids + days off = much planning.

SO, our weekend was an interesting one. My parents got into town around 7:30 Friday evening so the kids were super excited but also, got into bed a bit late. My parents hung around for breakfast but then took off to go south for my grandfather’s 90th birthday. I wish we could have gone but the boys had soccer and we went camping!

After we went to different fields for soccer, we only napped briefly before packing the car. The campsite was about 50 minutes away and we were planning to be there just about 18 hours but OMG, the amount of stuff we needed was surprising! And that was even with borrowing 3 additional sleeping bags. Anyway, we got on our way and then totally got lost. Want to know why? The directions our friend gave were for people coming the opposite way in. The Aucilla Wildlife Management Area is a big forested area that has very few signs. We got lost at some intersection and they had to send a search and rescue team (our friend’s wife and son) but now that I have been there, I wouldn’t get lost again. But all that Florida scrubland looks the same!

Soon as we got there we set up our tent and mattresses then got to firing he potato guns. The site is right on the river and it was so quiet and peaceful. I like the idea of camping and the fire and camaraderie of having to coexist in a roughing it type situation. However, it got about as cold as the weather folks predicted (shocking, I know) so the night was a bit rough. Our sleeping bags were coded for between 30 and 50 degrees so yes, my core was warm. But my head was not. Suffice to say, not the best night of sleep. I don’t like being cold in the first place to sleeping in a tent in 30 degree weather is not so tasty. BUT, we woke the next morning, got the fire going, and packed up. I thought we might stick around but Ash was done being cold as well. We got back into town and stopped for bagels (and coffee, glorious coffee) and then I began on my long journey to get everything washed. So. Much. Laundry.

My final take on camping with all the kids is that it’s fun to get away but also, nice to realize how thankful you are for central heat and a bed. I only camped twice when I was young and it was in South Florida. I can see us going back in maybe 2-3 months when the lows are in the 60s. I’ll even take bugs to not have to freeze my butt off at night!

OK, so, let’s get to the music and move along.



Freebie week!

I’m not a huge fan of this band but I do like that they always put a lot of effort into their music videos. I grew up in the time of Mtv so the fact that folks still make neat videos is impressive.

ok so they took the OK GO video down. I apologize.

Let’s take it back now to the 70s. I wasn’t alive yet but this song is from an album my dad introduced me to and I loved it. I recently acquired a new ipod so I got to reevaluate what I have on there. I love this album by ELO and this song in particular.


5 thoughts on “MMMM + Camping recap

  1. Definitely a ‘not enough coffee in the world’ kind of day! Camping when it’s that cold isn’t as fun as camping when it’s warmer out. 😉 And only one night? I like doing minimum 2 nights to enjoy all the work of packing and setting up. Camping on the river is my favorite thing, too! So relaxing. I’m looking forward to camping more this year now that I finally built up my camping gear again after our move. 😉

    LOVE your song choices! We picked one of the same songs – two great minds and all that jazz. 🙂 Have a great week!

    My Church may be Upside Down & Inside Out but i’m gonna Hold On to my History

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