Wednesday Medley – Helping and Pie. Have another helping OF pie!

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1.  When did someone come to your rescue and can you tell us about it?

Yes, not too awful long ago, and I blogged about it.

2.  When did you help someone out of a jam and can you tell us about it?

WOW, I READ THIS QUESTION WRONG THE FIRST TIME! I haven’t helped anyone out of any jams lately. Though my husband is helping a friend drive a car back from Jacksonville today.

3.  What are your thoughts on being a good Samaritan?  Some states (like Florida) have even passed Good Samaritan laws so you don’t get into trouble with the law for trying to help someone.

It’s tough because sometimes you want to help people that you see clearly need it but at the same time, we also shy away from going to someone “in danger” or “in need of assistance” because we live in a world where they might be setting you up. I’m guessing 9 times out of 10 they are not but still, we think that, don’t we? Now I will say, the term alone makes me think of helping in minor ways: someone is a buck short at the store and you help out. Someone dropped something while in a hurry and you let them know. Or heck, just opening a door. I don’t think of that term when I see someone who might be in immediate danger, say, drowning or something crazy. It seems like the actual laws passed protect in those situations, mostly.

4.  Thursday is National Pi Day.  It’s a fun play on the date 3.14.  Will you have some pie to celebrate?

Maybe if someone makes me one. I need to make one of my mom’s best: mandarin orange pie. Which is really just a tub of Cool Whip, some mandarin orange yogurt, chilled in a graham cracker crust. Arrange some mandarin orange slice on top and voila.

5.  Did you know that Pi is the most studied number in mathematics?  Are you good with numbers?

I DID know that and no, I am not. I can create a budget and stick to it and of course, do basic math but it eluded me throughout high school and beyond. Before that, yes, I was fairly good at it. Funny though: once it started to be difficult for me, the only thing I understood was geometry. My oldest son, who is great at math, now finds himself struggling with geometry!

6.  Tell us something random about your week.

Another week in paradise! /eyeroll. No, really, I am feeling pretty capable this week. Not annoyed with work, the master of my own destiny. Applying for jobs, making job tutorials for whomever might take over. I feel pretty good with where I am at home too. Though I have a list of things I want to get accomplished this weekend and I do intend to stick to it. Every Monday I complain that i didn’t do enough inside the house and this weekend, I will remedy that!

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