MMMM + Closing in on year’s end!

I did an uncharacteristic thing on Friday. Though my plan was to leave a little early and get ready for our department holiday party, I decided I simply didn’t feel like going. I didn’t feel like getting dressed up and putting on make up and socializing. So I didn’t. I went to the grocery store and went home to put up some more Christmas lights. I took a nap. And we had dinner and relaxed. Ash had to get up early Saturday for a race but I beat everyone. I woke at 5 am from a particularly horrifying zombie dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. It was nice being the only one up, actually. I made coffee and messed around on my phone for a bit before hanging up the stockings – the last real thing I needed to do in the living room. We met Ash to see him finish his race, then he and Elliot ran another six miles before we sojourned to Sonny’s, as usual.

My original plan was to get my tattoo with my friend but she bailed. She didn’t give specifics and I had to contact her. I was mad at first; I sometimes feel like I am the only one who makes plans and sticks to them. But it’s her choice and really, I’m not in some huge hurry.

That change in plans freed me up to get some Target shopping done after nap and then in the evening, we went out to a big neighborhood and looked at lights. The kids enjoyed it but I think I enjoyed it just a bit more. It just felt… nice. And right. Even though there was some whining, I had a good time.We watched Christmas Vacation when we got home. Sure, some parts are inappropriate but it’s one of the best Christmas movies!

Sunday, I felt irritated by everything. I was still motivated to get stuff done and I did. I installed a new shower head in the kids’ bathroom and I cleaned out a lot of old junk and washed some hand-wash items and I felt really good about it. Besides, my fantasy season is over so football has lost its luster for me. Oh well.

It’s cool this morning and finals week so nice and quiet around campus. I plan to get a lot of things done that I normally just don’t have time to. So yay!



Here’s a song I only recently discovered by a band called Jelly of the Month Club ( a la Christmas Vacation!)

The Carpenters always remind me of Christmas. I think my mom listened to them a lot.

You can’t go wrong with Dean and Frank!


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