Friday Five – Parenting fails and on the mend

Five Thoughts:

  1. Like I started saying on Wednesday, I am feeling sort of emotionally torn about Christmas this year. I am glad that my brother-in-law is able to visit us. He typically only comes when there’s a race happening and even then, he doesn’t stay long. (Last time he got in late Friday night and left Sunday afternoon.) So an entire week is awesome. They will do so much stuff with the kids (I don’t get off work until the 23rd.) And I want my kids to see other family besides my parents!
  2. That said, I have not called my mom to discuss how I was kind of hurt at Thanksgiving. She and I definitely need to have a chat. I hate confrontation and dread that conversation but it has to be done.
  3. I did, however, get myself into the doctor because I have been sick on and off now for four weeks. I have a sinus infection and it makes me feel not quite like myself. I have been dropping the ball on so much. And falling asleep early and then not sleeping at night. Hopefully the meds will finally help. I thought I could beat it on my own!
  4. Last night – the first night of soccer practice – we somehow managed multiple parental fails. I was under the assumption Ash would run later and stay home with the other 2 and feed them dinner. But he wanted to get his seven miles in before dinner. So at the last minute, I had to plan to take Ell and baby to the fields. This means I had to have the stroller and snacks, etc. We get home, Ash had begun water for noodles. Except then we discovered we had no butter or peas. So he went to the store and the first store didn’t have peas so I didn’t manage to get the noodles cooked at the right time and we had to do it all over again. We’ve been parenting for over eight years and I still mess up sometimes.
  5. As you will see in the pic below, I had this bag for pencils that I use in my end of semester teacher evaluations. The students fill them out without me in the room and return them upstairs. I usually ask that they give me my pencils back but maybe last Spring, someone left them upstairs instead. I didn’t realize it until Summer when the bag resurfaced. I assumed I took it back until about a week ago when I went to find said bag and it was missing. I just went up to the main office this morning and what do you know? There it was! I know it’s mine because it had my kids’ names on it!

Five Photos:



I redesigned my tattoo and I am going to get this tree instead


Ah yes, where palm trees make sense with Christmas


These would be fun to make



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