Random Tuesday – nature invades, brief illness, weird dreams

Stacy Uncorked
  • On Sunday, I reached down into the washing machine after a load of whites because there was what seemed like a corded bundle of dark fabric. I thought it might be left over from washing the dogs’ blankets but when I grasped my fingers around it – and it felt oddly fleshy – I realized it was a drowned lizard. I guess I left the lid open but I don’t typically do that. I did, however, forget to close the garage door when I took Ell down to the running trail so in those 30 or so minutes, he must have found his way there, poor thing.
  • Monday morning – speaking of gross drowned things – I checked out the dogs’ water dish to see a fairly large spider floating in there. (And a large amount of dirt; dumb dogs.) It was really gross and though I have a picture, I think I will refrain from showing it to you.
  • Before I was icked out by that spider, I was having the funkiest dreams. First, I was on set of the filming of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Except I knew what was going to happen so I stood by and confirmed that everyone was doing it correctly. Then I was with Tom Selleck, who was calming down my baby. Weird, right? Well then it got weirder because we were walking through a strange combination of both the Friends‘ apartments: Joey and Chandler’s smooshed with Rachel and Monica’s and we came to a room with two beds and Phoebe and Monica were sleeping in one. And Phoebe saw us and gave me the “are you kidding?” look. I guess you have to have watched the show to understand the impact here. Let’s just say, it felt like a very odd dream.
  • I went home around 1 yesterday because I figured the traveling had finally caught up to me. I felt achy and had a sore throat and my head was fuzzy. I rested a while; watched some Sherlock. It was what I needed. I went to bed early and just slept it off. My throat is still a little jacked today but I feel better in general. Better now than Thursday!
  • In case you forgot, I am running one of those Tough Mudders on Saturday. I definitely did not train the way  I wanted to. But we got the course and obstacles and I actually think it’ll be a little easier than originally anticipated. Plus, our hotel is five minute from the last remaining El Chico in the state so hopefully that will be out post race meal. I think there might be 8-10 people on our team and some of them I don’t know. It’ll truly be an adventure! I just have to stop worrying about everything revolving around it, including leaving the kids with the babysitter.


OK, time for Tuesday Chat!


If you could teleport, where would you go?

Man, tough one since I just traveled. I think I’d like to go to places I visited as a child. I would want to see this buffalo farm in western New York and then see this one Red Roof Inn we always stayed at in Virginia before going up into the mountains. I’d go to my childhood home and the elementary school; my grandparents’ house in Miami. I could probably come up with even more once I got going. Maybe my friend’s grandparents’ cottage on a lake in Cobden. The one time I have ever been to Canada.

And, much like our host, I’d also want to go to Disney. I think it’s been, what, four or five months? I’m dying to go back already!

(June 11th, to be precise.)18624760288_8bb4734f4f_z

One thought on “Random Tuesday – nature invades, brief illness, weird dreams

  1. Eeek! Eeek!! Lizards and spiders oh my! LOL
    I definitely would teleport away from the creepy crawlers. And I could easily join you in Cobden because it’s just down the highway from me. That’s where on of our favourite summer camping spots is.
    After Disney of course. 🙂

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