MMMM + The Halloween that was

If you celebrate and partake in Halloween festivities, I hope you enjoyed them. We went to a friend’s thing where there was chili and beer and a trailer attached to a golf cart. We used to go to the same person’s house but she chose not to host this year. Eh, that’s ok. We had fun! And our family theme went over very well.22034227274_232e3061aa_z

Daylight savings following Halloween on a Saturday seems like a boon but I thought it made me even more tired and exasperated. I did somehow end up making a lot of food yesterday though; the kind of food with lots of work-lunch leftovers. So there’s that. I will say, my kids were up and ready quite early today, which is very nice.

I’ve finally gotten back to “normal” after vacation but I find myself still a bit unmotivated, even though I feel revived. I appreciate my life so much more now and yet, I don’t feel like working. I will say, my motivation comes and goes. I did stuff over the weekend and felt so great! Then I’d sit for a second and be like, oh blah, I am so not getting up.


Movie soundracks, eh? Lots of good ones out there so let’s choose some songs from ones that are particularly uplifting.


First one that comes to mind is the Rudy theme. If any song ever made you want to persevere, it’s this one.

Similar to that is the theme from Gladiator. I loved that movie; saw it four times in the theater.

And one of my all-time faves:

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