MMMM + Only slightly overwhelmed; good weekend overall

The time has finally come: the majority of students are gone! This means I can zip down Tennessee street in half the normal time AND get through the Starbucks drive-thru quickly. I realize that complaining about these “first world problems” otherwise is “bad” (so says someone I work with; ugh. There’s no pleasing her, really) but I am happy this time of the summer.

SO, we had a fairly busy but fun weekend. Ash and I saw Avengers 2 on Friday afternoon; I liked it but he thought it was sub-par. And they really did set the bar pretty high with the first one so it’ s hard to live up to that standard, I admit. Friday night, we played outside a bit and had dinner and watched Night at the Museum 3. Ash had a half marathon Saturday morning so he left and we had breakfast and then ran to Target. Somewhere in there we managed to clean Elliot’s room, which was a disgusting mess. He’s well on his way to being that boy with the messy room. I want them to keep their rooms clean but I see I’m fighting a losing battle there.

Around 10, we left to make sure we could see Ash finish, which he did at 2:05: pretty close to his goal time of two hours. It was a trail run, after all. His old friend who recently moved back only finished about six minutes after him so we stood around for a while then adjourned to get ready for lunch. His friend joined us then we went home to nap. Since lunch ended up being later, naps did too and around 4, everyone was up and working: I mowed and the boys went to procure wood for the swingset Ash decided to finally build. He’s been thinking about it for years!

Sunday we got started again early with the building and I did laundry and hit the store for lunch and dinner supplies. When we reached a point of the swingset where the two of us could not flip the completed frame upright, we took a break and hit the local pool. I didn’t take one single photo while there – disappointing! – but we had a great time, even Baby. At first, she was very skeptical of the activity pool but grew to love it. I got a lot of sun – finally! I have been trying to find time to work on my summer tan for a while now. But then it got cooler again and I kind of forgot about it. A few more pool/beach days and I’ll be good to go.

I feel like we worked all day and into the night; when I sat down to watch Game of Thrones, I felt body tired but not sleepy… not until 10. Then I was pretty much done. BUT, I had more laundry to finish so I didn’t go to sleep then either. It’s a crazy busy life I lead!




I tried to pick some songs today that match a busy and/or work filled lifestyle. Here goes:

Loved this song and movie! (Though I work 8-5; ahem.)

I picked this one because when I was young, Disney Channel played songs set to cartoon videos and this one was always paired with images of Mickey and Donald working in a coal mine. So I always think of this song in regards to hard work.

Huey Lewis, always relevant. This song totally applies!

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