Friday Five – Yup, another workweek in the books

  1. It’s Avengers day!! I’m wearing my Iron Man arc reactor shirt; it’s subtle and perfect. I think we might go to Cracker Barrel and then to the movie. I am pretty excited about it, to be honest. I really need a vacation!
  2. Yesterday we had a little going away thing for my office manager, who has worked here for 20 years. She’s been in my department for the last five. When Debra retired before her, I was so worried the new person would be mean but Carolyn was SO nice and understanding. So of course, now we’re worried the new person will be awful. She’s apparently younger than I am! I was worried she’d be a micro-manager and get on me about time. Turns out, they’ve restructured things so even though I currently report to my direct boss, Deborah, and turn time into the office manager, I will now be directing everything to Deborah. This is awesome news! My direct boss is the coolest person on the planet.
  3. I had a brief meltdown when I realized that from May 20th to the 23rd, we have a huge activity each day: baseball end of season party following the last game, VPK graduation and pool party, trip to Wild Adventures, then beach day with a bunch of friends. I’m excited about so much to do but I am also like, really? All in one week, back to back?
  4. Does anyone else stress about summer? If you’re a parent, I am sure you do in some way. Though Elliot doesn’t get out of school until June 1st,  I still freak out about what I will do with him. Next year is going to be even worse because Isaac will also be out. The first week in June there are no camps and you know, working parents can’t just take off. It’s one thing to bring one kid to my office but both of them? I don’t know what I’m going to do next year! Maybe I should stop stressing right now.
  5. I’m wearing my Vibrams today with my Iniji toe socks, to protect my pedicure. Some day,I might get my check form the class action suit some woman filed saying they didn’t help her at all. Yeah, they’re shoes, not a cure-all! Some people…


Five Photos:



I was on FB last night and Buzzfeed did an article on personal trainer Brock O’Hurn, king of the man bun. Where has he been all my life? This guy is gorgeous.




Here’s something I pinned that I need to remember:7a1c00f70e575e6ae4d16201b6f98a3e

I can identify with this:bd036e9b5e3347cd2366b8d9cbc11013

I want to make one of these:298ae8ad97842269168b28dfb3471b29


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