Random Tuesday – Every day is a lot of random over here

Stacy Uncorked
  • WELL, Baby woke up with Pink eye and Ash is sick. I guess it works out that the two can stay home together but really? Come on.
  • BUT, much like Stacy, we’re having such awesome weather here, I really cannot complain about life in general. I swear, if the sun is out and it’s not too hot, I am a very happy person. I could do without the mosquitoes though.
  • Oh, and I was swinging back by the house on my way to work and I look over on my arm and what do I see? A tick. Ugh. Damn things fall from the trees and there you go. So disgusting.
  • I didn’t even realize yesterday was a full moon, though it makes sense. My kids were entirely not themselves and super whiny. But we did something different in the evening to switch it up. We went to the mall for dinner – classy! – and walked around a bit. It made everyone happy though: three of us had Japanese and the others had Chik-fil-a. Since we NEVER do that, it was fun. I love doing random spontaneous things like that and I think the kids will someday look back and appreciate that too.
  • Also, you know I have a thing for malls. I hate that they’re dying out because I just really love them.
  • I’m thinking about doing a “things I have purchased recently” post; should I?

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat…


“By now I will have seen Avengers Age of Ultron and be trying to refrain from gushing about all things Super Hero. To distract my fangirling ways; tell me about something you think is Super!” 



I’m guessing this isn’t *actually* a distraction because something that is super is the fact that we have Superhero comics and movies. I think they really serve a purpose in this world. When kids (or hell, adults) see that character who is essentially good – who actually puts human life above their own – we have a renewed sense of hope. I think we need people to look up to in this world where, every day, we hear about terrorism or random shootings and senseless violence.  There’s something so refreshing about knowing someone can save us from ourselves. Sure, there are problems within that (see: the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie) but the dynamic we explore within these comics and movies mirrors our own world in such true ways that we then identify.



3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Every day is a lot of random over here

  1. Oh you put it so perfectly into words WHY I love comics and the whole super hero world!!! especially that key word: HOPE. We all need it in life, otherwise: what is there worth fighting for? what are we holding onto? Most people don’t get that the comic world absolutely has a deeper level than just reading some artwork. Captain America is my favourite because of his famous “no, you move” speech. That’s how we should all be standing up for what is right. maybe the world would not be such a mess. but, there’s always hope too. 🙂
    Ticks fall from trees? I have a new fear…. LOL

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