Wednesday Hodgepodge – My answers kind of suck this week

1. Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?

I never had to wear one for school, luckily. I guess the only time was for work: once for camp – which was just shorts and a camp shirt. The other was for my two year CompUSA job: khakis and a red polo. I kind of hated it but it was required. 

2. April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth.

Does recycling count? I always make sure I do that and throw trash away, even if it isn’t mine. I also try to turn off unnecessary lights and try not to waste anything. I think that’s pretty much all the average person can do.

3. Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous…your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home? Given a choice between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for?

I guess I will go with rice but black rice; it’s kind of the new trendy thing for health but it’s super tasty. (Make it with chicken broth; it’s even better!)

4. In your opinion, who has the best job ever?

Hmm, tough. I’m going to go with writer because I’d love to be one… and a mom at the same time.

5. What’s a situation in your life currently requiring patience?

Summer. I stop earning extra teacher income in mid-May and don’t start up again until late June. During this time, I make less overall so I just have to not stress and remember that every summer this happens and every summer, everything turns out just fine.

6. Do you live your life around the days of the week?

I will say that to an extent, yes. Mostly, though, it’s based on the baseball schedule or which days of the week Ash is going out or running or what days I am exercising, etc. Everyone loves the weekend and I just make sure I take them in stride and savor them.

7. In a nod to the A to Z challenge happening around town this month, what ‘R word’ best describes your April?

Rushed! I feel like it has gone exceedingly fast and I still have a lot of things I needed to get done. Time is passing so quickly, I cannot keep up! 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I feel like we’re in a holding pattern these last few weeks. Lots of rain has canceled a few activities and kept us house-bound. But today, I want summer. I want the pool and the beach and the sprinkler and hot days and beer and popsicles. I want to be tan. I want to be relaxed. I need these things, desperately.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – My answers kind of suck this week

  1. We woke up to temps in the 30’s so summer feels far away still. I’m definitely ready for it this year! I’m not familiar with black rice. Is it sold in regular supermarkets or do you buy it in specialty stores?

  2. Yes, life really does fly by so rushed is a great R word. I have never had a job that I have had to wear a uniform, definitely some dress code but no uniform.

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