Friday Five – Times past, Eating better, Scholarship

  1. This week went pretty quickly and I guess I can attribute that to being a.) motivated most of the days but then b.) unmotivated entirely two of them and basically, those were a blur; a wash.
  2. On Monday, I ate like total crap, but then I’ve been eating really healthy the rest of the week and it is insane how much better I feel. It’s fine – of course – to splurge when you feel you need to. And I needed to! But I also accept that I just feel like such a cleaner person when I don’t eat burgers and cheesecake and grease. Blech.
  3. Our weather has been awesome the last two days: cool in the morning, highs under 90, and clear blue skies.  I have been basking in the sun as much as possible; I realize that when I get at least 10-15 minutes of direct exposure, I am overall happier. I brought my tennis shoes and ipod today so I can walk on campus. Coincidentally, my 365 day calendar of random happy notes says this: Take a walk in the sunshine today. Ok, I will!
  4. I think – and this is completely random – it would be so cool to become a Tolkien scholar. Completely useless also but I get excited thinking about how much info is out there to discover if this were my path. If I chose to study the world of Tolkien, I could read and read forever – there’s just so much! For now, I am reading the annotated Hobbit and I’ll be good on that.
  5. Do you ever wake up and remember some random time in your life? The cool weather this morning – for some reason – reminds me of my grandparents’ screened porch in south Florida. I remember the camellia bushes right outside, the aloe plants in low planters on the ground, and these lizards that always got inside. There was such a peacefulness about it, looking out over their gently sloping yard out to the canal.

Five Photos:

I have gathered photos from #5’s recollection


Not their canal but similar








And now, a song I really identify with this week. When I can’t spend money, I always want to.

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Times past, Eating better, Scholarship

  1. Speaking of thinking of random places, that song you posted totally brought me back to high school and drivers Ed. My Drivers Ed instructor was a huge Jimmy Buffet fan. I have been trying to do better at eating, but yeah have been kind of sucking at it too. I really need to find something to really kick me back into gear. Thanks so much for always linking up!

  2. In one of my classes we’re talking about jobs in the Humanities and how coming out with a PhD almost seems pointless because there are more people who have it than jobs available. That’s why I’m stopping at my master’s but some are going on and they’re talking about their field of study so reading about your Tolkien made me think of that. And 90’s already, dang where do you live? I think the high today was 60 but we have reached 70’s the past couple weeks.

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