Random Tuesday – Dreams and the Big V and all kinds of junk

Oh do I have some random for you; my life has been a lot of random crap lately.

Stacy Uncorked
  • I had a dream Friday night that has really stuck with me. There was more to Tallahassee; I took a highway to this place that had more hotels and shops and restaurants. There was a lot of traffic too but I remember the excitement in knowing there was more to explore. I have seen pretty much everything this town has. Granted, I haven’t eaten at every restaurant but the feeling of knowing I could GO somewhere else new was exhilarating.
  • My phone had a near catastrophe yesterday when I left it on the bumper of Ash’s car. It had been raining for a couple days so when we got home and it was dry and sunny, everyone went outside. As we were getting ready to go in, I put it on his car and took some things inside, figuring I’d go back out in a minute. Well, he left for Magic and I totally forgot. I remembered only as I heard the garage door closing so I ran out after him, flailing my arms as he turned the corner away from our home. My children heard some choice words as I thought about all I’d have to do if it was dead in the road somewhere. I grabbed my keys and wallet and told the kids I’d be right back, then went to my car to look in the neighborhood roads, in case it fell off there. But then, what did I see in the middle of the street right out from our driveway? Yup, it fell right off when he backed out. It was unharmed and I thanked the Powers That Be for saving my ass.
  • I was exceedingly tired yesterday and I know exactly why: I had a burger and fries for lunch and cheesecake in the afternoon. I tried the new Smashburger in town (it was SO GOOD) and my friend had some leftover cheesecake from our get-together on Thursday. I noticed the past few weeks that when I eat healthy, I am not as tired. So today I have grilled turkey and some light cheese for a wrap and then a container full of sauteed zucchini. That should do it!
  • This is the last week of classes! I am both excited and sad about this. I will get paid through the beginning of May for teaching but then not again until July. Summer kind of sucks that way.
  • SO ready for a beach day, you guys! I am hoping it will at least be dry and cool this weekend (it is today) so we can go out and do some hiking at Torreya. I’ll probably twist and ankle but hey, still fun.


This week’s prompt is about the last time you faced a fear. It’s actually kind of tough for me…


Ok, I know what I’ll discuss. And that is… discussions. I get nervous and scared when I have to bring up certain topics with my husband. These are usually things like money or ideas I have that I think he’ll shoot down. Thirty six years old and I still fear rejection.

Well, something I have been meaning to talk to him about is the Big V – getting a vasectomy. In the past, he’s been adamant about NOT having one EVER. He had “friends” at work who tell him such insanity like “you could die” or “it’s the worst pain in the entire world.” This makes me SO mad because we have good, close friends who have had it – like five men he knows well enough to talk to about sensitive subjects – who have said that it was fine and they felt better the next day. Super easy!

So, at my birthday gathering, my friend had a few too many drinks and when I took out my bc, she started getting on my husband about having not done the Big V yet and blah blah and he was really pretty mad about it. I told him that I’d meant to discuss it with him but not like that. I never wanted her to say anything.

So this past Friday, when we were drinking beer at lunch, I confided in him that I honestly worry about getting pregnant every day. I am on the pill but I still stress about it because my cycle hasn’t been normal since I quit breastfeeding back in June. He never realized I was actually stressed; he just figured I was complaining as usual. LOL. As we talked and I told him how I’d make  special man cave for him during his recovery, I could tell he was actually reconsidering it. The thing that might have actually sold him? I told him that I’d never make him wash dishes ever again. Haha ha! This cracks me up. If this is what cements it, this will make for a great story for many years to come.

I was ever so relieved that I was able to face the fear of bringing this up with him. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated but that is part of the fear: I think it’s going to be the hardest thing. I am glad that I was able to conquer this and hope I can keep doing it in the future.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Dreams and the Big V and all kinds of junk

  1. I seriously held my breath and quietly prayed during the whole cell phone story!! Talk about a big sigh of relief! And it wasn’t even my phone! LOL

    I am too Irish I guess and my husband hears about everything I want him to hear about. haha. Which is sometimes good, and sometimes not so good. But even still, the more important and potentially stress inducing topics are definitely harder to discuss. I had my tubes tied during my 3rd C section, so my hubby dodged a bullet there. I swear though, if had not offered to go for the V; I would have threatened to do it to him myself! because 3 C sections!!

  2. My husband won’t get the big V. My brother in law had it, and it really wasn’t that bad except maybe the first day, so he says. But mine won’t. I’ll be hitting menopause in a couple of years, so I guess the point will be moot then. I also relate to the dream you mentioned that stuck with you.

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