MMMM + Productive weekend

Considering I was in kind of a bad mood yesterday, this weekend was actually pretty good!

On Saturday, I felt motivated so I got everyone on board to take the Blairstone walk, a two mile hilly route we’ve walked many a time. It was a nice walk; the kids rode their scooters and though it was humid, I felt great. In fact, the back pain I’d been having was non-existent that day. When we got home, I started on some laundry and the kids played until we went out for lunch. Everyone ended up napping before we went to the book store, the playground, and Target. All in all, a pretty full day!

I was just feeling like poop yesterday; bad mood, exceptionally tired, and just irritable. By 2:30 I was done – luckily, I had a pedicure appointment and after that, I was feeling ten times better. The night ended with Game of Thrones and me feeling pretty good. This morning, all was well: kids behaved, I felt rested, and even though it is cloudy, I think it is supposed to be sunny later. Yay!






I don’t know why btu I have recently gotten back into this song. Random, I know.

And because I think it’s my job to show people that Jimmy Buffett is so much more than Maragaritaville, here’s a random song.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Productive weekend

  1. omg That’s what they’re saying! hahaha I never knew that before I thought it was some foreign word, but it’s elevator. bwahahaha Good pics & thanks for playin’ and rockin’ along with us.

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