MMMM + Yay March!

Yeah, I’m not sorry to see February go. Can we also see some warm weather? It’s supposed to be 77 today and OMG, I’m about in heaven just thinking about it. Bring it on.

Our weekend was ok, considering the rain and gloom. Elliot had his first baseball practice at 9 Saturday morning. Everyone showed, even in the rain, and they had a great practice. I have high hopes for this team actually. All the kids seem dedicated and seem to have talent. He has another practice Tuesday and that will be the schedule until the end of the month when games start.

We didn’t do a whole lot else; we walked the dogs and looked at washing machines at Sears but the boys were in rare form and we had to remove them from public. I don’t know what came over them but it was fairly ridiculous. I won’t take “It’s hard to be good” as an excuse from those kids. Their default setting is good, in my opinion. Sigh.

I had to really calm myself this morning because Elliot pushed me to the brinks of insanity but I’m ok. I got my coffee and took my Endoflex and now I am getting through the last of some on-going tasks. If I can finish all this today, I am leaving early to get a pedicure. Rewards are good.



Today’s them is all about the Caribbean/Island feel so here goes; all Jimmy today

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Yay March!

  1. Kids can push those button with out even trying hard. Turbo and Bruiser are at the stage where they pick at each other constantly and I really don’t like taking them place together. It can cause me to want to pull all my hair out or turn into a screaming crazy mom. Neither are good options.

  2. Hate to say this, it never ends. My two are 18 months apart and my oldest is 19. They have not changed much since they were little. They get on each others nerves and drive me crazy in the process.

  3. This is such happy music don’t you think? I know it’s been putting me in a good mood! hehehe Thanks for stopping by and rockin’ with us! 😉

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