Friday Five – Trying to add more substance

Five Thoughts:

  1.  I am excited about a new prospect we’re working on in the house; a new rule really. We’re going to implement an hour of productive time for everyone. This is born out of Elliot’s recent lower grade in English and his loss of drive for school. What we realized is that we can’t very well make him read or do practice comprehension worksheets if we’re watching TV or playing games. So this way, we all have to work on something, be it house things or otherwise. Personally, I want to spend more time on my journal. I started a creative journal/bullet journal of sorts and have let it completely fall by the wayside. I find that if I am productive at home, I tend to be more motivated at work and vice versa. So hopefully, this will be good for all aspects of our lives.
  2.  Baseball season is upon us; Ell has his first meeting/practice tomorrow morning. He’s on the same team (name) as last year and the woman who took over for our coach who ditched us is the coach again. Hayden and Grant are also still there, as well as a kid who was on his tee ball team. I love the first time a team meets; seeing the other kids and gauging their talent and getting to know other parents. Even though I am sometimes nervous about chatting with strangers, it’s still kind of fun.
  3. I was kind of sad to miss my Wednesday Hodgepodge blog post this week; I really like that one. But I just couldn’t muster anything on that day; I was just too ill.
  4. I finally caught up on some of my grading; thank God. I feel like I crawled out of a deep dark hole. Sometimes when I leave too many things undone, my whole life suffers. I’m depressed about it and can’t find the wherewithal to get it together. Does this happen to you?
  5. Two weeks ago I bit the inside of my lip while eating and it has been this horrible open sore for that long. I’m prone to them but MY GOD… the on-going pain. And it won’t seem to heal because it rests on my damn teeth. I’m SO over it. OVER.

Five Photos:


I want this car37b3e9437208554cdb7c63f214482574





This is The Volcano House in Hawaii; we’ve booked a night there for our trip.

Here’s hoping the thing is erupting like this!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Trying to add more substance

  1. Totally can related to #4, I am totally the same way. This week has been quite busy with a ton on my list and yesterday it just sort of all hit me and even though I had free time I just wanted to sit around and do nothing rather than the things on my list. We just started spring soccer and yes totally did the same thing at the first practice. My daughter is one of the oldest on the team this time, so that definitely helps her ability.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

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