Random Tuesday and a Confession

Stacy Uncorked
  • So yesterday, I left work a slight bit early and you know what I did? I got a pedicure. For a little while, I was the only one in there. And the sun was out (finally) and they had the door to the place open and my god, it was heaven.
  • Ash had to drive all yesterday so he was starving and decided to take us all out for pizza. Yay! We got home and I felt particularly productive. So while Elliot plugged away at extra work, I cleaned their bathroom and magic erasered the tub – which needed it like no one’s business – and then I swept in the kitchen and washed dishes.
  • Apparently, a guy caught a nine foot great white shark off the coast of Panama City. I don’t usually go that far west to hit the beach but think of all the Spring Breakers! We have it next week so tons of co-eds will be flocking!!
  • I have been so good about taking my breakfast and lunch this week (yeah, I know it’s only Tuesday) but I have planned out the whole week. I’m very proud of myself. I have been working out too, for the most part. I skipped last night but I have to tonight.
  • I really feel like going to the mall and just buying stuff but I am saving for Hawaii. I cannot possibly just go randomly spending, especially not if I am going to pay ahead for Elliot’s summer camp for four weeks. I pretty much hate money.

Today’s Coffee Chat prompt is a confession and it reminds me of forever ago and when I used to do a Friday Confessions meme. I’m going to dredge one up like Stacy because, well, I think I probably have some good ones back in the vaults. (Does ANYone get the RHPS reference??)


Here is one dated 9/20/2013. Sometimes it is funny for me to go back and see what  was confessing. This one amused me so here; I hope it does the same for you.



I confess… I am not feeling motivated this morning but my parents get here in about 6 hours so I have to: give the dogs baths, clean their blankets and crates, sweep, vacuum, and clean the guest room. I should also give Dakota ( AKA Stinky Milk Neck) a bath.

I confess… I went for my 6 week check up on Tuesday and though they prescribed my mini-pill for BC, the doc recommended being on it for a week to be safe. So for fun, we thought we’d buy some condoms. Haven’t done that in over a decade. So I went to CVS and find that they are all in a locked shelf, much like ipods and cameras at Best Buy. There’s a large red “Ask for help” button you have to press.  As the girl from the pharmacy ambled towards us, I made sure to tell her that it never used to be that embarrassing. Luckily, I don’t really care!

I confess… it’s been a bit disconcerting that every day, Elliot wakes up fine – gets dressed, eats breakfast, gets in the car no problem – but as we pull up to school, he’s fighting me on it. He claims he’s too tired and school is boring and he just doesn’t want to go. I never remember feeling like that so I hardly know what to tell him. I’ve said everything. Though today, he was fine. But I think it’s because he knows my parents will be here later. However, he didn’t have one single complaint. I hope everything is ok for him though; I always wonder if something is going on at school he’s not telling us.

I confess… I have felt a little stressed lately but not about any one particular thing. I guess it’s knowing I am going back to work on the first and getting all things ready. Baby Girl took a bottle yesterday so that’s good. I know she won’t have issues at daycare with that then. But I am a little worried about my lack of sleep when I am working. She wakes up twice a night but I don’t really feel exhausted.  When I am working, though, it may really catch up to me.

I confess… some days I can’t wait for her to get a little older, so we can skip through some of these crying for no reason times. I mean, she has been good this week. But sometimes that crying just wears on you!



I have juicier confessions but I can’t seem to muster any this morning. Maybe another day! 😉

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday and a Confession

  1. LOL, I am the worst procrastinator when it comes to getting things cleaned up (as in ready-for-people-not-living-here cleaned up!)

    As for buying stuff, I really want to spend all of my tax return on ME! But…I have bills to pay and a house to fix up for sale.

  2. We try to have people over on a regular basis just so we are forced to clean. I’m not the world’s most dedicated housekeeper…

  3. Now that I am retired, I think I am a better housecleaner…I have time to do all my cleaning over the week without wearing myself out.

  4. I confess that I have not had a pedicure.. in like, Forever!! Oh boy, I’d be embarrassed to have someone look at my feet now! I also like to shop — I’ve been really good in recent years in not going crazy; but lately I’ve just wanted to redo every room in my house! ha
    LOL – I cannot imagine having to go buy condoms now. We haven’t used them since getting married, and now I am “fixed” anyway. and really??!!! under lock and key!? ha

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