Friday Five – V-day, etc

Five Thoughts:

  1. I’m going to this brunch thing today; they’re calling it “Galentines”, which I think is kind of silly but also kind of fun. I’m so bad about being social and I know as I am driving to this thing I will be nervous then, once I get there, everything will be fine.
  2. I’m getting really excited about two things: Elliot’s Native American project and seeing these replica ships. For one, Elliot is getting interested in Native American history, which means a lot to me. If there’s one “minority” group that I really support, it’s them. My ancestors decided that even though those people were already living here, it was ok to oust them. This just burns me. And the ship thing is cool because my dad used to take me to do that kind of thing all the time and my boys are super excited. Also, we haven’t done any activities aside from eating out and soccer lately so that’s also cool.
  3. The daycare was doing a Valentine’s watch the kids kind of thing but not enough families signed up; it was canceled. Luckily, we have a babysitter and instead, Ash and I are going out tonight. This may actually work out better, because we won’t have to rush home after the ships. We’re going to the nicer/more expensive hibachi place because we hardly ever go there anymore. Should be fun!
  4. My grandfather seems to be doing well after the passing of my grandma. He’s the neighborhood sprinkler repair dude so that keeps him busy. A relative, Sam, and his neighbor, Craig, were taking him out to eat the other day. And then my mom told me about this cool thing he’s doing for the local WW2 veteran group. They’re all flying to D.C. for a day to visit the memorial and eat. How cool is that? He’d known about it for a while but didn’t want to commit. I know it’s horrible to say that he can go because he no longer needs to care for my grandmother but I am really glad he has all this going for him.
  5. Only two more soccer weekends! Early games this Saturday – ugh – but then next week are final games and trophy ceremonies. Then, the boys are going camping! Ash has wanted to take them for a while but needed someone to set things up. When it comes to activities he has never led before, he wants to participate with someone else at the helm first. A co-worker and his boss will be running the thing, providing sleeping bags and food. I’m glad the kids will have this opportunity. The few times I camped as a kid in the YMCA Indian Princesses, I really liked it.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Five – V-day, etc

  1. It sounds like your grandpa is involved in so many things, that is so awesome! You still have soccer going on? Is this fall soccer or was it a winter season? Spring soccer is about to start up for us, it is going to overlap a few weeks with basketball, so Alex is going to be very busy as she is in both. Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day

    1. Soccer for us runs from the beginning of December (practice) and then through February so yes, winter league. Baseball practice begins at the end of this month!

  2. I love an impromptu date night! Last week our play rehearsal got cancelled so we kept the sitter and went to a movie! Although, the night ended with me in an ocean of tears because we saw “American Sniper” and I had no idea the ride I was headed on. It’s a phenomenal story, though.

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