Friday Five – Movies, Rain, bad people

Five thoughts:

  1.  I agree with our gracious host that curling up on the couch with a blanket is the BEST. Especially in the winter. Not that it is particularly cold here; just raining like crazy. Dropping off kids on a morning like this could be one of my most hated activities.
  2. Luckily, I am only working a half day; have five student conferences to bang out and then I can go relax.
  3. Except Ash wants to see American Sniper – and I do too – but I would prefer to cry in the comfort of my own home. Regardless of the bad press it seems to be getting (mostly from my fellow English snobs)  I think it’s going to be a cryer.
  4. We had an, er, incident in one of our TA offices yesterday. It is a big open area with cubicles that house about 50 of our TAs and about 15 teachers from Classics. Yes, it is a “basement” but we’ve made it an inviting space. Anyway, the two custodians for that building have apparently been hanging out in there to talk to one another, bothering people trying to study or conduct conferences. They also always flirt with the female TAs. But I guess yesterday, one of them went rifling through a gift basket placed on a desk for someone and spilled some kind of liquid after he picked up a jar and smelled whatever it was. Like, what the hell? The funny part is that one of the TAs came in to relate this to me, without telling names, and said she was hurt by the way one of the other teachers spoke condescendingly to the custodian. She did NOT tell me the extent to which he messed with stuff. Later, the female TA who got mad at him told me the whole story. Sigh. If it ain’t one thing it’s another!
  5. I finally found my motivation, by the way. Earlier this week, I was just in a slump. I made myself feel better by getting back into reading fanfics and reigniting my love of the Hobbit. Weird, I know, but I needed a diversion.

Five Photos:

I didn’t take many this week so here’s a smattering from my Pinterest:




I have recently gotten into the essential oils thing and I am loving it!


Scriptor out!

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Movies, Rain, bad people

  1. Sometimes a reading diversion is definitely what is needed. Glad it helped get you going again. And yes I am wrapped in my blanket with my lap top on my lap right now, so wonderful. It does sound like the custodians need to mind their own business a little more.. always something huh? Thanks so much for linking up!

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