Random Brain Bits

  • I’m already dreaming of summer and the beach
  • But I have to lose some weight before I go putting on a bathing suit
  • The neighbors who are moving seem to a.) smoke in their house and b.)put handicap type accessories all over that house so it’ll be interesting to see how quickly or to whom it sells
  • Can I just drink coffee all day?
  • Where the hell is the sun?
  • Why is it not summer yet?
  • I am going to – without fail – use the elliptical tonight. I feel pudgy and blah and I know it is partly just January but also, I have just not been doing enough, physically
  • Screw you, January
  • My parents, sister and Justin are at Disney today and keep sending me photos. Um, now I want to run away and take a vacation!
  • I took this essential oil blend this morning that is supposed to curb appetite but for some reason, I feel hungrier than normal. I have taken it before so I don’t know why today, it had this effect!
  • You’ll have to excuse me but I really don’t understand the appeal of Colin Firth
  • That said, I kind of want to see that Kingsmen movie
  • Has anyone seen Snowpiercer? Ash wants to watch it but every night, I am just too tired.

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