MMMM + You know the drill: weekend recap

Well, I did accomplish the one thing I wanted to this weekend: clean up my darn kitchen. The peninsula area is such a magnet for junk: paper, keys, pill bottles, toys, coins, etc. I managed to get it down to just stuff that needs to live there. But that wasn’t all we did.

On Friday, Ash and I went to Longhorn and then saw American Sniper. I was reluctant to see it in the theater because I thought I’d cry a lot but I didn’t. It was an enthralling story and a good one; Eastwood outdoes himself again. But I was so into the different aspects that I didn’t dwell emotionally on his home life, etc. It’s funny; Bradley Cooper isn’t one of my go-to actors but basically everything he does, I really like. The movie reminded me two things: I am thankful as hell for the troops saving our asses over there and that America has gone soft in a lot of ways. This middle east thing should have been over years ago. Wipe them off the map. If they had the technology, they’d do it to us. No more of this waiting around crap.

ANYWAY, we had a 9 AM soccer game for Isaac’s team. By the way, that could be the worst team that Tally city parks and rec has EVER put together. Half our kids don’t want to play so therefore don’t even try. Isaac can’t do it all, you know. And look, I admit that I pump him up a lot but he knows how to play and is good. But he can’t carry a soccer team. He sure as hell knows how to play a lot better than Elliot did at this age. It’s going to be a long season for him because he’s well aware of how bad those other kids are. Sigh. It’s embarrassing.

Ell’s game was at noon and though his team played well, they lost also. Some of his teammates seemed off and they were all pretty sad that they lost but that makes them try harder; I like that. We pretty much just rested in the afternoon; Elliot had lost computer privileges so he threw multiple fits about it. I don’t know; he’s so weird about that. I took him with me to run errands just to get him out of the house and thinking about other stuff. I made dinner for everyone but myself, then I planned to have a bagel. But then I logged onto facebook and saw that my sister and her BF were having issues. Sigh. Add onto that Elliot having another breakdown about his computer and I was just flat out annoyed. I had been texting my friend about essentials oils that might calm down my son so I mentioned my sister and she was like, “Come on over; we have the fire pit going.” And that was that. Good times.

Yesterday we also hung out, ate, had a nice time outside. I was thankful for my time yesterday, which is sometimes a rare thing. All in all, good weekend.



6 thoughts on “MMMM + You know the drill: weekend recap

  1. American Sniper. I’m really not even sure what all the hype is about. Was it good though? I’ll probably see it – when it comes out on Netflix! Haha!
    And team sports. You take what ya got. So sorry he got stuck on a sucky team. Maybe they’ll get better as the season goes on?
    And Bon Jovi. Love that song! Totally Rock and Roll!

  2. What is it about kitchen counters being the magnet where everyone puts their junk? It’s an ongoing battle here – no sooner do I get all the counters cleared off and looking great so I can finally relax, *BAM!* both Princess Nagger and the hubby leave piles’o’crap that need to be dealt with. I’ve started just scooping up their stuff and piling it in front of their computers to deal with themselves. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 😉 What a bummer about the soccer team – poor Isaac. With him being so good, it’s a shame he’s on a team with kids who don’t really want to play.

    LOVE your song choices!! All favorites! 🙂 Have a great week! 🙂

    I Lived and i’ll Pray For You because i’m at the Bathroom Sink and Crushin’ It!

  3. You have not lost your choice for great tunes. Bon Jovi is always at the top of my list. I think I’ve heard Hillybilly Deluxe but definitely on a lot of lists for sure & your last tune is definitely new for me, but hey…. ROCK & ROLL NEver stays new for that long. YOU’VE ROCKED THE HOUSE! THANKS FOR JOININ US!

  4. I really need to clean out and reorganize two of utensil draws and my pots & pans cabinet is a disaster. Two tasks I’ve been reluctant to tackle because of it’s gonna be a mega job whenever I do decide to get engrossed in it. *sigh* Now….it’s a kid’s job to be annoying when they are punished and a mom’s job to stand strong, but it can be murder. Just remember, whatever doesn’t kill you WILL make you stronger. lol It also teaches the child that he is responsible for the mess he is in and needs to respect the boundaries, if he doesn’t want to find himself in another jam like he’s in. Oh well…great music, fun dance! Sorry for dancing so late, but this week my thoughts have been honed on DH’s job situation. Today was to be his last day and he just got to work a few minutes ago, called me straight off to say he’s been extended until the end of March. There is nothing like God pulling through at the 9th hour, eh? We’ve seen Him do this many times and I’m all the more thankful for His goodness. Have a good week!

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