Random Tuesday – Long weekend of strange and happy incidents


  • Last week was ridiculously long but it ended with Elliot’s 7th birthday. In the morning he opened cards from my aunt, my grandparents, and my mom. I sent mini cupcakes with him to school. When he got home, he opened his gifts (which he was super excited about!), we worked out , and then he chose Pizza Hut. We never go there but it was his choice. It actually turned out really well. We got one pizza and breadsticks and our waiter – who was also the manager – forgot to put the breadsticks in. So we ended up getting both those and this huge chocolate chip cookie for free! We hadn’t counted on that so we still took him out for ice cream. Got home pretty late but it was such a nice evening.
  • We had a few funky nights last week: Isaac woke up a few times and Baby Girl had a night where she woke at 3 and I had no idea what her deal was. Finally, I figured it out: she was just starving!
  • Late Friday evening, Ash and I were still up and we heard a pretty loud pop. Then the power went out. It was out for a bit before Isaac woke up and spazzed out because it was dark in his room. He’s had quite a few issues with that lately. So it’s one AM and the boy is awake with us. He and Ash took the flashlight and adventured outside where a tree, probably the size of a telephone pole, had fallen across the road and on the power lines. We waited for a while and it wasn’t coming back on so we let Isaac sleep in our bed – which we NEVER do – and tried to get some rest, though I hate the stillness of it. The power did not come back on until almost 7 AM!
  • One of my main stressors was this party I was trying to put together. For starters, a bunch of people ended up being out of town. I waited too long to make the bounce house reservation so this was the only weekend that worked. I booked it anyway and finally just accepted that we’d deal with however many people showed up. Well, Friday night, that company called and said due to a possibility of rain, they’d have to reschedule. SIGH. Plan B was slip n’ slide and cornhole. Saturday morning, I cleaned and worked out and then went to the store. Only my friend Courtney and her two kids and Ell’s friend Addy, his sister, and parents came but we had a really good time! Also, btw, it still hasn’t rained, and it’s Monday afternoon.
  • While we were setting up, both our outdoor fan and our canopy broke. What kind of luck is that, you know?
  • We didn’t do much on Sunday except a quick trip to Costco and some cornhole.
  • On Monday though, I decided it was time to start exploring the world of Geocaching. I’ve been interested in it for a while but Addy’s parents were talking about it so I decided to download the app and look for one close to us. There was one about a mile and a half away so we set out before 8:30 and did end up finding it. What I can tell I will like about this: the fact that these things are just sitting in urban areas. The one we found today was in a parking meter – in the middle of a wooded area!
  • I got it in my head that we’d place our own cache so I started looking up starter kits. Bass Pro’s website had them so I decided we’d go there and then to Costco. Well, the store doesn’t have kits and Costco was closed so we just went out for dollar tacos at El Jalisco.
  • We ended up getting Boston Market for dinner because they were doing 1/2 off family meals so we finished up the weekend with good food, more cornhole, and the original Willy Wonka movie.
  • I feel like maybe this week will calm down but Ell has his first flag practice tonight and then they both have 10:30 practice on Saturday. It never ends, does it?
  • And here’s a random pic just for fun:906ed6bf6ac41338eadfc9c188750e13

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Long weekend of strange and happy incidents

  1. It’s good that Pizza Hut fixed the problem order. My nephew and his wife go on geocache hunts often. I’d like to go with them someday. Sounds fun. I didn’t know kits were sold for them.

    1. Setting your own cache is – apparently – something you aren’t supposed to do until you’ve found a bunch but yes, you can buy a start up kit. But you can pretty much fashion your own canister to hide.

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