Random… Thursday?

Since it’s been a crazy week, my brain is disheveled and pretty much looks like this room:a-messy-room

If you wanted to say it’s messy, it’s messy like this room is. Things everywhere! No order at all! So here’s some random crap floating around in there, just to keep me going because in about, oh, 15 or so minutes, there will be students in here, I guarantee it.

  • Two bands I’ve been listening to a lot this week: AC/DC and Alice Cooper. Some of their more unknown songs are actually really good. Plus, I just love Alice. He’s an awesome guy.
  • Ash and I saw Sin City 2 last Friday and I am always sad when a second movie comes after the first too many years later. This would have been excellent, like, six years ago. It wasn’t BAD, per se, but it wasn’t that good either. For starters, I HATE Eva Green. I hate her face. Ok, I did sort of like her as Vesper but I think Daniel Craig made her less awful by being so amazing. But anyway, she’s a heartless bitch in this movie which made me really like Josh Brolin’s character. I didn’t realize he was still in such good shape. Also, I have a soft spot for characters named Dwight so that part of the movie I liked. But otherwise, blech.
  • Fall needs to stop knocking at my mental door. I really DO want to hold on to summer a little bit longer.
  • Tomorrow is Elliot’s 7th birthday. I got him a couple Lego sets and Ash got him a DS and Mario kart. My FIL got him a microscope and my BIL got him a giant toy axe. LOL. I’m sending mini cupcakes to school and I think we might take him to dinner. Nothing fancy but his choice nevertheless.
  • OK, I lied. I started looking at Fall boards on Pinterest. Bring on leaves and cool temps, and pumpkin everything.
  • Damn, I didn’t realize it was 69 degrees this morning. This is amazing for late August. This might be a promise of a great Fall.
  • I’m anxiously awaiting the flag football emails. Sometimes coaches are ahead of the game so they send them out before the deadline (next Tuesday). I just really want to know who their coaches will be, when practices are, etc. I love flag season!
  • I’m desperately trying to write more but every time I sit down, I am more enamored by the idea of writing rather than the actual work. I’m really good at researching it though. For example, my hero looks like this:tumblr_n10cv0wPZt1r9ow28o1_500
  • So instead of writing, I just look up bearded tattooed guys. It’s fun but not necessarily productive.
  • But, work has been busy and I look at that as an accomplishment, right?

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