Friday Confessions – No sleep, No breaks, No patience


I confess… I sat on a blank entry both Wednesday and Thursday but I could not formulate anything coherent.

I confess… I have been having sleeping issues this week. This entirely unlike me! I fall asleep at the drop of a hat! Last night and the night before, I slept on the couch for maybe 45 minutes (typical for me) then when I got in bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was awake for hours before I finally got rest. Just as I would start to drift off, my mind somehow got all excited and internally shout, “I’m almost asleep!” then it would wake up! UGH. I hope this weekend will be better for sleep.

I confess… I spent part of Wednesday looking for geocaches in the area. So many of them are park ‘n grabs. There’s one in a big oak tree in the parking lot of our grocery store. There’s one by a stone sign on Mahan drive. They’re everywhere! And I am kind of hooked on this idea. I wish I had time to search for these things but I will have to carve it out of our busy schedule.

I confess… I really need today’s half day. Because of the lack of sleep and just general stresses, I have been pretty grumpy and hard to live with this week.  I’ve been impatient with the kids and my husband, alike. Though he’s half the reason I didn’t sleep Wednesday night. He kept flailing his arm across my pillow above my hand. I am finally on board with a king sized bed.

I confess… I have this feeling like I pissed people off and I am dreading dealing with them in the aftermath. So far, no one seems to be holding a grudge but I feel guilty.

I confess… I’m worried that I am becoming kind of an old curmudgeon. I’ve really been saying a lot of “get off my lawn” type things lately.

I confess… I do not feel like doing the 21 Day Fix workout today but I will and I will move on with my life. With that, I’m out! Have a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – No sleep, No breaks, No patience

  1. I think the geocache concept is really interesting, but wouldn’t have a clue how to get started. And that’s probably a good things since I don’t have time to add another hobby to my schedule.

    I hope you get a nap this weekend to make up for the last few nights.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

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