Random Tuesday – Yup, definitely random today



  • I was SO lazy on Monday. I typically get up and walk around just to break up the day but I was not feeling it. UGH; Mondays, right?
  • Apparently some woman sued Vibram over the “lie” that is their health benefits. I never deluded myself that these shoes would improve anything. I just liked them. But you’d better believe I will file to receive some money from the lawsuit. I mean, I purchased them, after all. I am eligible.
  • Game of Thrones is killing me this season. It’s moving pretty slowly but from what I can tell, that means something huge is going to happen. What worries me is that Martin is fixin’ to kill off one of my two favorite characters. I haven’t read that far into the series so I don’t KNOW but I’m DYING to. But I don’t WANT to ruin it for myself by googling it. But I tell you, if/when Tyrion or Jamie goes down, I will weep. WEEP!
  • Baby Girl is on the verge of being completely mobile. She’s army crawling and getting into just about everything. This makes our afternoon workout a bit difficult. Even just early last week she would still sit on her mat and eat puffs or play. But now, we have to keep an eye out. And I can’t just put her in the playroom with the boys since everything goes in her mouth. UGH. Love this phase and hate it at the same time.
  • I gave myself yesterday to eat out so I went to Sumo Sabi and ordered the chicken bowl but they have a Monday deal where your second item is 2 dollars off, so I got a crunchy tuna roll for basically $2.50. It was too much food; my eyes were way bigger than my stomach. BUT, for dinner, I ate very light. I basically put one cup of milk (fat free), one scoop of chocolate Muscle Milk, and whatever was left in a bag of frozen berries, and blended it. YUM! It was pretty amazing, I have to say.
  • I could see myself doing that after every workout. Though, we work out every night but weekends so… maybe not. It’s hard to follow a.) a work out program and b.) those kinds of post-workout recovery things if you also need to feed children. Just saying.
  • I was just quickly chatting with someone on FB and when they said “see you later”, I suddenly reverted to my 12 year old self and wrote “c-ya”. WOW.
  • Now I have to clean y office up a bit, as I am meeting with a client about an editing gig.  I don’t want to look like a total slob! Have a good Tuesday!!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Yup, definitely random today

  1. My office is fairly clean, since I am mobile. My car, on the other hand…

    Army crawl is good! Building those neural pathways for reading is always a great thing.

    We have been very excited about GoT. They’ve condensed some storylines and added a bit to others. Tyrion is sure to win an Emmy for his performance this season, except I want the actors from True Detective to win.

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