Friday Confessions – One of these days…

I confess… I am trying not to be upset but they call for 50% chance of rain tomorrow and we’re slated to go to the beach! Waahhh!

I confess… I am putting all my thoughts and prayers into “please have sunshine”. Maybe that’s a bad use of good mojo but, well, I really want to go.

I confess… I also have a tendency to NOT believe weather people so…

I confess… I’m beginning to dread Fridays because there are two T25 workouts. You can split them between Friday and Saturday or double up and rest Saturday, which is way better. But the hard work has to be done first. It’s HARD to get through 50 minutes of solid work that includes a ton of jumping and more lunges than anyone should ever have to do.

I confess… I NEED this beach trip. I honestly feel like my brain recovers whilst listening to the waves crash against the shore, the birds overhead, even the other families all around, slightly drowned out by the sheer power of the ocean and the wind and rustling of plantlife.

I confess… I am splitting time today between: grading journal entries, pinning beach photos, and reading things about Disney World. It’s definitely time for another trip.

I confess…  I do not really want to eat my Lean Cuisine but I brought it and don’t want to waste. I’m just sick of frozen food. And spending money. There’s the dilemma.

I confess… I took forever to write this post so I think it’s high time to go ahead and publish it. Pray for sunny weather; have a good weekend!

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