Friday Confessions – Jump on it

I confess… I missed the level of care and detail I previously put into my blog. I am back now for a little while. I am not totally inundated with work so fun things may resume.

I confess… Though I did enjoy my alone time last night somewhat I also felt pretty lonely. On nights Ash is out, I at least take solace in the fact that my kids are there, sleeping. On my drive home, I had this weird emptiness because not only was my family gone, but the neighbors are gone too. They left Wednesday. Nancy will be back on the 12th but geez, that era is finished.

I confess… I am still hopeful that a nice family will move in. Knowing my luck, we’ll get an older couple who hates kids and dogs. UGH.

I confess… this is what I had for dinner last night: two biscuits, one with cheese on it, one plain, two fried eggs, and four pieces of turkey bacon. Not the healthiest but the tastiest!

I confess… I have to clean my office; it’s a hot mess. But with Spring Break next week, I will have some extra time. The idea of cleaning gets me all excited, to be honest. Good thing, right? Because I have a ton to do when I get home. My mom says, “Oh, you don’t have to clean for me.” But it’s a trap!its-a-trap-what-happens-when-advertisers-dont-meet-twitters-spending-quotas


2 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Jump on it

  1. Mother’s are great with the comments like that. Take them up on it and you never hear the end of it, but with back handed comments or offers of help to clean up and such.

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