MMMM + Excellent weekend (for the most part)

As mentioned last week,  I was solo parenting the baby while my men-folk were down in Orlando at my parents’ house. Let me tell you this: the hours pass very slowly when it’s just me and a cranky baby. It also made me VERY glad I have the family I do. I see now how much I need that crazy hectic loud evening-time every night. I LIKE that noise!

So, yes. My mother got into town around 8-8:30 Friday night. She came bearing Subway so that was pretty nice. I may fall asleep on the couch on a normal night but when my husband and kids aren’t there, I totally do not. But my mom and I retired around 10:45 that night. Got up the next morning, made breakfast and hung around until noon when we went to Masa and ate our weight in sushi. SO amazing. And Baby Girl was good, which is nice because it’s not the most casual place and since it had just opened, we were one of only three parties even there. After that, we swung by the house and then went down to the J.R. Alford Greenway. Sadly, we walked the old portion and didn’t realize how to get to the new bridge. But it was still nice; it was about 66 out and sunny, clear blue skies. We definitely got our workout! After that, we went into Costco, then on to Whole Foods. When we left there, my car wouldn’t start. I’m beginning to think it isn’t just a battery issue! It’s about once every three weeks, it just won’t start up. But it’s never the first time that day. It’s the second or third time I begin it. I don’t get it!

I was going to take the car into Honda today but on a forum, I read about another person having this issue but when they took it in and the dealership couldn’t replicate the problem, they blew him off. I am very reluctant to do it then but who knows the next time it’ll happen!

On Sunday we made a huge salad for lunch and my mom left around 4:30. Around 5:30, the rest of my brood was finally home! I know they were all glad the trip was over but they were all a bit cranky. I’m glad we’re relatively back to normal today though. Ash will go to Magic tonight and the boys will eat chicken nuggets and I’ll watch Bones at 8. Yeah, I need that normalcy.



This week’s theme is “British Invasion” so I’ve chosen the first few songs that come to mind when I realized songs I already liked as a kid were part of that movement.

My dad used to say this was a song that reminded him of me and our relationship. It was a bit tumultuous when I was little.

And here’s another I loved. Once I saw the Help! movie, I was really  obsessed with the Beatles.

The first Stones song I ever liked.

And for fun, my favorite Tom Jones song:

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Excellent weekend (for the most part)

  1. Nick and I had an evening free–it was wonderful, but I did miss the boys. There’s something to be said for routine–even if that routine is hectic.

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