The Centrifuge of Random Thoughts

  • SO, I had one of those bad mommy mornings. I couldn’t remember if Isaac was going to eat at his field trip to Wakulla Springs (as they always have done in the past) or if he needed a lunch. So I packed something that could sit in the room at daycare until tomorrow in case he was eating there. Well, turns out he had to bring something and I didn’t pack a drink. So I had to bum one from the daycare and he’ll have to eat room temperature spaghetti-Os. I guess it could be worse but I am usually way more on the ball.
  • I blame this fail on being sick. I had my typical sore throat yesterday but it never went away. And as the day wore on, I got worse and worse: body aches, headache, etc. I left a little early and took a long bath, reading Wild on my kindle and just trying not to feel like battered crap. I still managed to make everyone’s dinners and get them in bed, though I was pretty cranky. You know, moms can’t get sick.
  • The boys are at the stage where they can play just fine together and generally get along but they bicker over stupid crap. And will randomly pick at each other and I had had enough around 8:15 last night. I sent them to bed with no book or bath, which greatly upset Isaac. I hope I have sent the message loud and clear this time.
  • I want to believe I did, but they were at it again this morning over their dinosaur egg oatmeal. Le sigh.
  • As I was getting Isaac’s Valentines stuff together last night, I realized I have to make a return trip to Target: I told Ell to pick out the bag of candy he wanted for his V-Day party and he chose conversation hearts… in Spanish! I can either take them back or have him tell his teacher he wanted to be diverse…. YEAH, I’ll take them back.
  • I have deep-seated moral issues with this holiday anyway so don’t even get me started.
  • Due to my less-than-stellar feeling today, I have no interest in teaching. But my students will be happy I am canceling Thursday. Well, maybe. They still have work to do.
  • I have a coupon for a dollar off a Starbucks latte after 2 PM; I have that on my to-do list today. Ok, gotta prep for class. Here, have a dude:638d6ed42806ac46b12150fff963cbb0

2 thoughts on “The Centrifuge of Random Thoughts

  1. My girls would bicker over every little thing and now they are all grown and mums themselves they still bicker over every little thing…………………lol Some kids just do it so long it becomes a habit…………..

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