Looking for more

It may not be snowy here and in fact, it’s quite sunny and clear today. BUT, the mid-winter blahs still affect me. I’m feeling like I need to completely gut my kitchen and start from scratch. Ok, that’s unreasonable. I want to pull everything out and throw away junk. We have this corner where things have just sort of accumulated. There’d a knee-high stack of coloring books, a extra nap mat for Isaac when he goes to VPK, a non-functional computer, an old blanket that is there for God knows what reason, a grill cleaning kit, Elliot’s fishing pole, a bag I bought thinking it would work for a diaper bag but abandoned, and at least five reusable grocery bags, all crumpled and jammed behind the computer. Sometimes things don’t really have a place where they technically live so they end up in a spot that becomes a place you just vow not to look at. But I am starting to hate the clutter.

Last week when I was pissed at the world and shut myself in my room all evening, Ash broke me down. He knew I was stressed about money and the clutter. (This was when the old TV was in a weird place in the kitchen and the ginormous box the new one came in was still in my living room.) He knows me all too well. The cleaning I did this weekend really helped my overall psyche but still, I need to do something major in the kitchen/dining room area. And once I get started there, I remember all the little things on my long-term to-do list: print family photo for Isaac’s school bulletin board, print photos for cute frame I bought more than a year ago, hang paintings I did in Dakota’s room, pressure wash house, etc etc etc…

In the face of all this STUFF I have to do, I tend to redirect and find other stuff to focus on. I have the hope of a new job and finding new hobbies, and I really want to find new blogs to read. I actually like ones where people simply write about their lives. Take Swistle’s post from today; it’s just about a clock but I like that. It reminded me how I feel about winter and just how mundane stuff can be interesting to read because you know what she means. If you have any good blogs to share, please do.

Meanwhile, I look forward to warmer days and to nights where I don’t have to get up more than once (I’ll take once over three, four). I look forward to prospects of more money and to birthdays and outings and maybe even making new friends. I hope for nice new neighbors and the motivation to get stuff done in my yard. I look for more and stay hopeful, ever optimistic.

4 thoughts on “Looking for more

  1. Congrats for being our spotlight dancer today!

    I understand about wanting the kitchen cleared out. I want mine cleared out too. I try and it’s great and then bam, fills up again.

    The clutter freaks me out and I make it go away and then it comes back 🙂

    I had a friend who blogged. I kept going back to her blog hoping to find real life things, mundane things, but all I saw were giveaways and reviews. It made me sad, because she was so funny and made me laugh with her stories.

    Looking forward to warmer days too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Today in Newie it is nice and cool and overcast the type of day I like when it is too hot I feel drained by the heat when it is cold I feel tired due to the cold not that it gets that cold here……………

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