MMMM + Pretty Darn Great Weeknd

I’m back! Last week was insane so I kinda hid from the blogging world a bit. But here I am.

SO, aside from Elliot having some kind of 24 hour stomach bug (pizza could possibly be the WORST food to puke up) my weekend was damn good.

But Friday was weird. I had to drop by somewhere to pick up something and when I got back in my car, it wouldn’t start. Now you may recall that I got a new battery a mere three weeks ago. So this was pretty disconcerting. I waited a bit and cranked a few more times and it took about 20 minutes until I got it running. So I went clear across town back to Advanced Auto parts. The guy who tested it said my cold cranking amps were pretty low so he swapped it out. For free; yay! But my whole day was thrown off. I decided to stop into Mackenzie’s, a little eatery attached to the BP near the parts store. They make actual food so I got a breakfast burrito with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Got to my office close to ten, sat and ate my food but then went upstairs. Talked to a few people for a while, then came downstairs and people wanted to chat. I think I sat down to do my TON of work by 11:30. And not twenty minutes later, I got an email saying we could all go by 3. Sigh. If I had been forced to stay,  I would have gotten more done!

But it all worked out. I went home at 3 and Ash had too so he could set up my Valentine’s day flowers. 🙂  We got the kids and took them to a little field to fly kites, because it was a very windy day. They had fun but as always, Elliot finds a way to hate it. Sigh.

We had a leisurely Saturday morning before taking the entire crew (dogs included) to the park where we hiked the multi-use trails. Lunch, naps, various yardwork, then it was finally time to drop off the kids at the younger ones’ daycare. They did a valentine’s thing where they watch the kids for a nominal fee. A night out! We left there and went straight to Bonefish where I had my favorite: a house salad and Bang Bang shrimp. Yum! After that we went downtown to the Hotel Duval’s Level 8 Lounge. It’s the best place to watch a sunset in town. We ordered drinks and these people near where we stood offered to scoot over for us and we ended up talking to them the entire time. We had about an hour left so we headed to Lofty Pursuits and split a vanilla malt. What a great night out for us! Highly enjoyable.

But when we got home was when Elliot’s stomach rebelled. He only puked that night but he was put off food most all of Sunday. I forced him to eat toast and Jell-o but he was still blah. It was a relaxing day all in all. I got laundry done and some cleaning, as well as a two mile run and grocery shopping. We haven’t had a weekend that good in a while!




Freebie week!!!!

First up, a song I couldn’t get out of my head all week long.

And one I may have shared recently but can’t remember.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Pretty Darn Great Weeknd

  1. Sometimes one just need time away from blogging. 🙂

    Glad you had a good weekend though. And hope little one is feeling much better.

    Thanks for sharing these tunes.

    Aloha 🙂

  2. Anytime you vomit anything up, then it’s not a pleasant experience for anyone. Personally, I hated upchucking Mexican food, which I did a lot of when I was pregnant as I craved spicy food all the time. The good thing is Elliot is ok now. Yikes, battery woes – not fun! Don’t you just hate it when the unpredicted throws a wrench in the bucket like that? Flying kites sounds like a fun family activity. We did that a few times with the children, but there really isn’t a good place near us to enjoy flying kites. I think I would like to watch others fly kites this spring, if the opportunity rises. Great to have you on the dance floor!

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