MMMM + Is the weekend over already?

Ohhh where do I begin? After Elliot was sick last weekend, we were all on high alert, just in case. I have a sore throat seemingly every morning but by mid-morning, it fades away. On Friday, Ash woke up feeling not so hot but it was our half day and he stuck it out. We went to Texas Roadhouse but decided not to see a movie. Instead, we went to Costco for a TV mount for the new beast Ash recently bought to replace our big fat TV from 2002. And you know what we did after that? We took a nap! Well, I laid out in the sun for a bit first; it was about 68 out but in direct sun, it was NICE. And much needed. Baby Girl has not been sleeping so well lately; especially not last night!

But anyway, we had no real plans this weekend so the boys and I went to Target Saturday morning, Ash mounted the TV, and we worked a bit more on deconstructing our deck. This project is going to take a while but once it’s down and we rebuild a smaller one, along with a lower paver area, it’s going to be very nice. Didn’t watch any newer movies this weekend because we were wrapped up in the Olympics. Sunday was also relaxing but I got a little stressed about cleaning, though I don’t know why. I guess the more I did, the more I realized how badly things needed to be cleaned. And I had a noon deadline, as Elliot had his friend over in the afternoon. He’s had a few playdates and the kids are always a little obnoxious. This kid talks a lot but he wasn’t bad, thank God. He did have unreasonable expectations, just like Elliot, but I guess that’s the age. We finished up our weekend by watching Tremors, which was on TV later in the evening. I haven’t seen that movie in forever!


ETA: Forgot my spotlight button! I made some kinda funky error and it didn’t show.

Ok so obvs the theme this week is love songs – of any type. Here are some of my favorites.

10 thoughts on “MMMM + Is the weekend over already?

  1. Wow, 68°! That’s very nice. Our weather was nice over the weekend, but not that nice & it’s expected to be cold the next 2-3 days here with the threat of snow. We haven’t watched much of the Olympics this year. I am not very motivated this go around. But, we will check in every now & then through the competition to see what’s going on. Looks like y’all are undertaking a big DIY project. Best of luck on it & I hope you’ll enjoy the new deck when it’s finished.

    Lovely country “love songs” picks for today’s theme. It’s great to slow dance with you on Monday’s Music Moves Me. PS: Please send some warm sunshine this way! 😀

  2. Hope the deck turns out well. We have months before outside projects are viable again. Cabin fever has hit with a vengeance at our house. We are combating with trips to the rec center and visits to friends.Not sure it’s really working.

  3. Whatever ever happened to Clint Black? Not much of a country fan here – but Clint Black is the exception to my rule, I love his music. Great picks in a “country” flavor I don’t listen to much but I’m glad I got an opportunity to here. Thanks friend and have a great week!

  4. I am looking forward of temps like that again. This frozen tundra stuff has got to go!
    I enjoy your picks today. The majority of them I have not heard.
    Congrats on the Spotlight this week!

  5. CONGRATS ON BEING IN OUR SPOTLIGHT woo hoo You so ROCK! So I see we like us a little George Strait hmmmmmm Me too! Great pickins’ here mama! Thanks for the dance, and I hope you have a rockin’ week! Ya done good girlfriend!! ROCK ON!

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