Friday Confessions – Wrap up this week, please

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

I confess… I had a lot to do this week and I got some of it done… but I could have done more, for sure.

I confess… I have to lay off the M&Ms. I brought my lunch all this week, which included a lot of raw veggies. But in the afternoons, I got a horrible hankering for chocolate. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was running.

I confess… I thought maybe our weather was on the up and up when it got to be mid 60s and sunny earlier this week. Nope. Back to 30s. At least it’s not gray and cloudy today. I’d kill for one sunny day where I could lay outside. I am vitamin D deficient!

I confess… I am looking forward to eating at Texas Roadhouse today like nobody’s business. I haven’t had a good steak in a while. And on that note, we’re going out on the 15th b/c the daycare is doing a “kid’s night out” thing where we pay them to watch the kids from 5-9. And it will cost us considerably less than paying a babysitter. I told Ash we should go to dinner and then to a nice place to have a drink; you know, like sophisticated adults.

I confess… it’s been a long time since I felt like an adult in the sense apart from being a parent. And any dinner where I don’t have to tell a kid to: sit down/wipe your face/don’t argue with your brother/stop dropping food on the floor… is a good meal.

I confess… I am sad that Jay Leno is done. I watched the final episode and felt pretty emotional about it. BUT, I like Jimmy Fallon a lot so there’s that on the horizon.

I confess… sometimes I see things happening in my life and wonder if it isn’t a sign that stuff is trying to align just right. I was bemoaning not being  able to move yesterday. Well, Ash got home and he may have a new job opportunity. It isn’t ideal in any sense of the word but if the pay is right, we might move about 5-6 miles north in town. And my friend was JUST trying to convince me of that yesterday. See what I mean? All these seem connected.

I confess… I am going to be patient and roll with the punches this year. I have to let things play out as they will. And that makes me feel pretty good.

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