MMMM + Last weekend before it gets crazy

Not that my life isn’t always somewhat crazy, but school began today. Luckily, I teach T/TH this semester so I have another day to prep there. The fun part, though, is going to be walking across campus tomorrow morning. At 8 am, our “feels like” temperature is only supposed to be 8. Now I know some of you in colder places think that’s nothing but I live in Florida, folks. North Florida, but still.

The weekend wasn’t bad but I can scarcely recall what all we did. Ahh yes, Elliot was at work with me Friday and I’d had enough around 3:30. He was bored and anxious so I took us home. I did dishes and worked out before making chili.  I want to say I didn’t fall asleep on the couch but who am I kidding?

Saturday morning I felt motivated and got all my Christmas stuff put away. It was nice to get all that space back. I cleaned for my mother’s impending arrival, though she was only passing through on her way to Pensacola. But we had a nice, brief visit. Had dinner, had a fire in the pit, and Ash and I got to see a movie after the kids went to bed. We saw American Hustle and though the acting was good, it was a so-so movie. Renner’s hair cracked me up, Batman was as good as ever, and I didn’t want to punch Bradley Cooper in the face, as I so often feel compelled to do.

Sunday was comprised of my mom heading out around 10, lunch, naps, running, and grocery shopping. All in all, a good day. Well, until Ash spilled his margarita on my curtains.. that I just washed about 6 weeks ago. Sigh. It happens.

Anyway, here I am at work and it’s super loud out there because new TAs are congregating to make syllabus copies. I will run out of paper in an hour at this rate.


It’s a freebie week and last week, I was seriously stressing about money. To help myself from the funk, I decided to dredge up this old favorite and play it until I felt better. Guess what? It worked!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Last weekend before it gets crazy

  1. That’s cold for North Florida, indeed. Here in the Tennessee Valley they are forecasting -2°, so you can imagine with the wind chill it’s gonna be even more miserable. Today’s high came this morning around 8am (21°) and it’s falling. I am looking forward to spring’s warmer weather arriving! Thanks for dancing with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me, my friend!

  2. American Hustle is on my list to see – I`ve also never been a huge Bradley Cooper fan, although I did enjoy him in Silver Linings Playbook.

    My relatives that are wintering in Florida were complaining of humidity a few days ago, now they say it`s cold… I`d trade ya anyday for our freezing rain, snow, and flash freeze that we`ve got goin` today! 😉 haha – not really, I love winter!!!

  3. This is one of those tunes that’s once it’s in your head it’s going to be stuck in there for a very long time! LOL THANKS LOADS! ooooooooooo don’t worry….. be happy.. don’t worry be happy now!!!

  4. Today it is nice a cool here, not cold but hell it never gets that cold here even when I am complaining about it being cold……………..I am glad I do not live in the area that has -52°C that is ridiculous

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