Friday Confessions –

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I confess… I really didn’t want to sit in my office with Elliot again. He’s a good kid but impatient and completely misunderstanding of when things aren’t all catered to him. Which boggles my mind since he’s not really spoiled. I don’t believe in spoiling kids.

I confess… I’m still waiting for 2014 to throw some good things my way. But perhaps I need to put things into perspective. I have a job, I have a great family, and things are really comfortable. What more shall I want for?

I confess… I’d like more coffee.

I confess… I was depressed yesterday and after I drove clear across town to get Ell from his friend’s house, I put on PJs, got on the couch, and did little else. OK, so I may have washed clothes and some dishes and had dinner (which Ash so helpfully took care of). But really, I laid around ALL evening.

I confess… that is not the answer. Today, it is no longer raining – though it is cold – so I vow to run or at least use the elliptical.

I confess… I think I was so down because going back to work was harder than I expected. Breaks are nice but they throw my world in a tailspin.

I confess… I remember Tailspin, the cartoon. It was pretty good. I’m old.

I confess… it may be cold but I am thankful for sun. When it is cold AND gray, I have depression issues.

I confess… I am mentally gearing up for the start of the semester on Monday. Time to turn on my brain and get organized!

One thought on “Friday Confessions –

  1. Hopefully some fun things get thrown your way soon! Sorry you have been feeling more in the dumps – hopefully it passes soon. It’s hard to want to get up and do things when the weather isn’t cooperating.

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