Random Tuesday – We gon’ do it, we gon’ do it big then


We’re BCS champs, y’all!

  • FSU won! We’re it; like, we’re the best! I taught 14 of our players through the last few years and I am proud of those boys. They work hard and they deserve that win. Also, the game was a total nail-biter. But they did it! WE did it! (Here in Tally, we talk about the football team as if we’re on it.)
  • I always said, I’d like to see them win while I’m paying them money but since they pay me now, eh, who cares? But I do. I totally do. FSU pays my bills and this bodes well. Oh, and this is our Unconquered statue. Sorry, i am gushing with pride today and yeah, it’s just football but still. Still.3d58ac65d91a0cd4d0e8aac5a6cda9be
  • It’s cold here. Like, really cold. Super cold. A guy in our neighborhood was, for some reason, running sprinklers and he had icicles on his bushes. Weirdo.
  • I brought a hat because I walk across campus in about 30 mins but I hate wearing hats because it messed up my hair. And I’m not even that vain.
  • I kinda hate and love first days of teaching. It’s all syllabus and ice breakers and all that jazz. But it’s also stressful to pronounce some of these names. I have an International student and well, I have no idea how to pronounce her name!
  • I guess I will wing it and hope for the best.
  • There are little gnats all throughout this building and it is starting to drive me a little crazy. Come on, my place of employment, do something about this.
  • Is it bad I’m already looking forward to the weekend?
  • Do you think that men like the ones in romance novels actually exist? Like, the ones I read, the guys are not without character flaws, but they are still men. Real men. I just sort of wonder.

That’s what I’ve got for you. Super busy. Later!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – We gon’ do it, we gon’ do it big then

  1. Some aspects of the men in romance novels can be found in real men, but not all. I mean really, that many devastatingly handsome guys? Just go look in any bar, sure a few are cute, but not drop dead gorgeous.

  2. Woo hoo for your team! Nothing better than the high of winning ๐Ÿ™‚ And I always do that – refer to my team as “we”, my friends often ask me when I started playing for them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Ok I have started to write a comment here twice and each time someone has deleted it thinking my daughter Jessica she does things like that to be annoying, not that you needed to know that now she is complaining that a baby is stealing her food……..you didn’t need to know that either. What was the post about again, I have forgotten oh well I know have a crying baby to deal with so I am leaving now……………

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