Friday Confessional… of sorts

It was 32 this morning with frost on the ground. Sometimes when I get on my phone and pull up the weather widget, the first time it reloads itself, it tends to be wrong. This morning, it refreshed and said 38 but when I got into the car, it fixed itself to 32. I try not to be stressed in the mornings but Fridays are always a bit laggy. Ash sets the alarm a little later and I have less time to get everything ready. It’s trash day so the boys clamor to help but end up fighting over who is doing more. We walk out the door at the last possible moment that will keep us “on schedule”. I somehow manage to get them to school and get coffee before getting to work myself, a mere 5 minutes late.

I confess… no one even knows if I am on time or not; I work on the second floor while the rest of the staff works on the 4th. I use this to my advantage often.

I settle into my office and eat my breakfast, drink my gingerbread latte. Check email: nothing of great importance. I await some kind of news back from an online job I applied to. It’s a company I worked for before so I am hoping that works in my favor. I stress out about bills; it’s tight these days with that second daycare payment. We’ll really only be strapped for a year until Isaac goes to VPK and then when he goes to kindergarten, we really get a break.

I confess… I let money issues worry me way too much. I get  all worked up and can’t really concentrate on life sometimes.

We’re seeing The Hobbit today and I am pretty excited. The first one was surprisingly good, even with the creative liberties taken. Honestly, the book is not that great. It doesn’t have a lot of detail that truly explain the why and how of things. So I am OK with any changes Peter Jackson made. Plus, you have majestic Thorin, which was a thing the interwebs came up with after the last movie and his many hair flips.tumblr_mjcycieY4w1s2b8ldo1_500

I love tumblr for this reason: they come up with some hilarious gifs.tumblr_mjbku877uj1qb0eujo1_500

I confess… I fear the end of the year. It’s such a happy time but I know that once Christmas is over, I will feel down. I remember this last year: January was so depressing.

I’ll probably be having my surgery in January so that’s another reason to feel down. Though recovery time will be the same even with the extra incision at my elbow, I imagine that entire arm/hand will be useless. But if I don’t get it taken care of, the muscle in my hand will pretty much wither away forever and I am too damn young for that. But for today, I am going to buck up, get my office cleaned up a little and start trying to feel merry. Since it is cold, I am attempt to muster up that wintry feeling and feel happy.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Confessional… of sorts

  1. I know what you mean… Christmas ends, and it’s so depressing. Trying not to think about that yet…
    Money worries me like crazy too (and I don’t even have a family to worry about supporting!) – I always try to remember my Grandma calmly saying, “There’s always enough to get by.” It soothes me (even if I don’t necessarily agree with her! lol)

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