Random Tuesday – Can’t get started today


I know we’re all in shock it is December

  • It is wonderful to have family visit but at the same time, it is really wonderful when they leave. I’m looking forward to the quiet of my house once the kids are in bed and I can sit on my couch and look at my Christmas tree.
  • When my parents were here this weekend, my dad took Isaac to Home Depot to get some garbage bags and work gloves. While there, he ran into our neighbor, the son of his college roommate, AND got interviewed by a local station. When it came time for the evening news, there they were! Isaac looked clueless sitting there in the cart as my dad blabbed to the reporter but it was so cute!
  • Finally beat level 197 in Candy Crush. Been stuck there for probably over a month.
  • Baby girl now has five pairs of Baby Legs, which I said I’d never buy long ago and now, I am all about them. Seriously, they’re useful!
  • The weather here has gotten slightly warm again; 50s/70s. But I kind of like the mild temps. I don’t like it very cold but I am over the heat. It’s a happy medium.
  • Community Coffee finally comes in K-Cups! I am excited about this. It’s a brand out of New Orleans and for a long time, my mom couldn’t find it anywhere south of here where she lives but it’s really starting to spread. This one is especially tasty.
  • I had a lot of fun shopping for my 12 Days of Christmas swap partner. I need to wrap up everything and get my box ready.
  • I got out the elves on Thanksgiving but I don’t make them do too many crazy things. I think there’s a line between fun and over the top. Or rather, more than I am willing to do! This morning, they were playing in Elliot’s backpack.
  • Short entry this week but I just got bombarded by a lot of work. But here’s something I found that is highly amusing.66222d64fcabd5cf3e5b3ef7dd2284c9

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Can’t get started today

  1. For a visit by them, it would almost be worth the fire.

    I am in process on the swap shopping–it’s been very fun to hunt things down.
    I like having the parents over from both sides but it is nice when they all go home–at lest they live in town and don’t have to stay with us–that would drive me straight up the wall.

  2. I know what you mean about company. Nice to have folks while they are around, but when they leave is nice, too. Today’s random picture at the end made me smile. lol Have a good week!

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