Random Tuesday – Almost halfway through


Tuesday but the first day of the week? Double bad!

  • It’s pretty much a miracle that we all got out the door on time today and with all our things. However, ever since the time change, my kids have been waking a lot earlier and that helps.
  • Our three day weekend was punctuated yesterday by the Veteran’s Day parade, which was pretty cool.
  • We had an interesting occurrence yesterday at Publix. I had both boys with me and we parked head in, nose to nose with a big truck. As we walked towards the store between the cars, a giant angry rottweiler started barking at us. No kidding, he was mere inches away from Isaac’s head. The dog and one other were chained in the flatbed of the truck and we didn’t see them as we walked. It scared the crap out of all of us and I had half a mind to stick around until the owners came back to give them a piece of my mind. We were in the store about 25 minutes and the truck was still there when we left. Aww.
  • Just the day before, I did get some kind of revenge though. We parked at Target and I had an empty spot on either side of me. Element doors open suicide style so I always allow for room. It was early in the morning so, lots of open spots. We came back to the car to find that a Prius (of course; don’t get me started on THAT car!) was parked on the side I have to put the baby in on and their tire was more than halfway on my side. As in, all over and past the line. I took an old receipt, tore it in half to remove my CC #, and wrote “Learn how to park!” then left it on their windshield. Bastards. The worst part was that the space on the driver’s side was open. And closer! But no, they parked where it blocked me.
  • I have been hungry lately, more than usual. But I want nice food, fancy food. Maybe sushi or some kind of fancy steak dish. Not that I’ll be getting this, mind you. I vowed to eat in every day this week. Except tonight, which is Ell’s flag football trophy ceremony at Beef O’brady’s. Not a place we’d normally eat but kids DO eat free.
  • I’m getting excited about Christmas, even though I love Thanksgiving and try to temper myself; pace it out. I still have Fall decor out and my heart lies in Autumn. But oh, only six weeks until Christmas! I want to start shopping now but I am getting a bonus from work in early December and want to wait. I am pretty sure I am doing the “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” thing for the kids. I may not tell them this though and split it up so some are from me and some are from “Santa”.
  • I’ve started thinking about buying my Thanksgiving meal items now. What are some of your favorites for that holiday? Do tell!


Man Candy today is a belated tribute to Veteran’s Day. I am sure these guys aren’t actually military but whatever. 😉887ae8dec5fa7b1e24e3d04ec89115a1


P.S. – If you feel so inclined, please visit tomorrow for our Wednesday Meme. pass it on to other bloggers; help us grow!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Almost halfway through

  1. I like your idea about Christmas gifts for the kids. I’ll have to remember that one.
    parking lots are crazy places here too. Once it snows all bets are off, cause no one can park if they can’t see the lines.

  2. I will try again to reply. 🙂 don’t be jealous of the winter it happens. I see Vandy up there has had 2feet already? It will all work out in the end. Thanks so much for stopping by this morning.
    BTW how can people leave dogs alone for so long. I don’t get it. Atleast they were in the air?

  3. I’m really having a hard time this year holding back the Christmas spirit… I keep reminding myself it’s still only November, but I SO want to decorate and enjoy it!! The only good thing for us is that our Thanksgiving is over, and now Remembrance Day is too, so it’s not technically taboo anymore to go Christmas crazy. 😉 I think I’m going to let it loose soon…

  4. Oh how I hate those idiots who can not park straight within their lines, if you can’t park it don’t drive it……………..nearly time for me to start thinking about Christmas decorations mine are up from mid November till the 1st of January

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