MMMM + Vet’s Day, uh er, stuff

I am drinking coffee at our computer nook in the kitchen, looking out on a budding morning; it’s cool out – about 48 – and one of my children is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the other is still sleeping on the blow up mattress from their living room camp out last night. Baby Girl still slumbers and my husband is in the tub, thinking he may be getting a cold. We had a fairly good weekend. We didn’t have much planned but I mowed the lawns, we went to various places, I cooked quite a few meals, and then last night, we watched a couple movies in the living room. Last time we did it, we watched 3 movies and Isaac fell asleep by 11 and Elliot, 12:30! Last night, Ell was asleep by 9 and we had to make Isaac lay down at 10:30. We all fell asleep but around 12, Ash and I went into our bedroom. We had fun though, watched The Croods, which was a pretty good movie.

We might go to the Veteran’s Day parade, depending on how Ash is feeling. I have mountains of laundry to tackle. Hope everyone has a great day!



It’s a freebie week and I am playing some songs by bands I have featured before; different song.

Green River Ordinance – their first hit “Dancing shoes” made it onto country songs but this one is less so. But still good.

Capital Cities is getting play on mix stations for Safe and Sound but this one is good too!

ETA: Missed the email wherein I am the spot light dancer! LOL. Guess I need to check more often.

Spotlight Dancers

10 thoughts on “MMMM + Vet’s Day, uh er, stuff

  1. CONGRATS on being our Spotlight Dancer & No. 1 on our linky. Maybe you didn’t get my e-mail, but thank you for the new tunes and sharing them with all of us. HAPPY VETERANS DAY! and you definitely rocked the house today! Have a great week.

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