WWTK – In or out?

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Answer these as best you can:

1.) When was the last time you were able to “unplug” or get away from technology for any length of time?

2.) Which do you enjoy more: being indoors or out?

3.) Do you tend to prefer daylight or nighttime?

4.) Are you emotionally affected by rain/snow/inclement weather?

5.) If you could make it stay one season forever, would you? And if so, which one would you choose?


1.) Geez, I guess the last time was summer of ’12 when Ash and I went to Cocoa Beach. I had an older crappy phone and didn’t bring my laptop. No, I brought it but had no wireless access. So we didn’t check social media at all! We walked the streets and ate and laid on the beach and read actual print books. It was awesome.7629261486_9e00765de5_c
2.) I love my cozy house, but I sometimes feel trapped inside. I prefer outdoors. The world is so vast and I have room to move about and most everything is not man-made. In my house, it is all constructed.
3.) I have never been a night person. My mom was always a night owl and I think she found some kind of comfort in it. I love early morning. That is my most productive time of day. However, I also love dusk. But anything after, I’d rather stay inside.5995697487_d525d9fb0a_z
4.) I am totally affected by bad weather! In Tallahassee, we’re known for days of rain on end. And when it is winter and we have multiple days of gray, I feel terribly down. I have always wanted to get one of those lights that fixes (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but they’re kind of expensive.l_1v-1009
5.) I would not make it stay one season but if I HAD to, I think I would choose Spring. As much as I LOVE Fall,  I think a perpetual Spring would be awesome; everything is new and the weather is so light and clean.Spring

2 thoughts on “WWTK – In or out?

  1. I always bring books with me when we are on vacation, and we stay away from technology as much as we can. Vacations are so much funner without social media!
    I prefer the outdoors too (:
    I’ve never heard of a light that helps with seasonal affective disorder.. I can imagine it costs a pretty penny though.

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