Wwtk – You better work!

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Answer these as best you can:


1.) Were you athletic as a child?
2.) Did you play organized sports?
3.) What do you do for exercise now?
4.) Would you rather exercise or diet? (Or both?)
5.) If you didn’t have to worry about calories or fat, what one food would you eat ad nauseum?


1.) Yes, i enjoyed all things physical. I loved to run fast and climb trees and ride bikes and roller skate. Of course, in the 80s, kids were always outside playing. (Though we also had time to watch boatloads of TV, somehow). I ate a lot (I was sometimes known as the bottomless pit) and played a lot. I was always burning off those calories!

2.) When I was young, I did ballet then quit that for tap and jazz. Then quit that for gymnastics. In middle school I was on the swim team. We moved in high school so the only thing I did was intramural softball.

3.) I just run now but I’d like to start doing one of those plank challenges or find a way to squeeze in yoga.

4.) When we lost a lot of weight in 2004/05, we exercised AND dieted. I would like moderation of both. Don’t go crazy on eating baked chicken and vegetables only and don’t go whole-hog working out. Somewhere in the middle. But I need to get serious about it.

5.) Oh man, I would eat bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches if I knew there’d be no after affects.egg_bacon_apple_grilled_cheese_main

3 thoughts on “Wwtk – You better work!

  1. Isn’t it so strange how we spent almost all of our childhood outside playing, but now days kids don’t? It baffles me. I try to get my son outside as much as I can. It saddens me that so many kids now days don’t want anything to do with outdoor things and just want to stay inside and play on their games or computer.
    I always wanted to try gymnastics!
    That’s great that you run, a great way to get up and moving. I know I could sure use some more running, ha ha.
    That bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich sounds amazing!!

  2. I was outside, but not doing what I would call athletic things. Sports just didn’t appeal to me at all. But swimming was sort of a non sport sport. And I could do it. So I swam.

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