Friday Confessions – New stuff, money, almost weekend

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I confess… Last week I didn’t do this because I was, well, you know, gettin’ my country on.

I confess… Today I don’t have a lot of time because as of yesterday morning, I am now back to teaching an 1101. One of our TAs had to leave the program so his classes needed covering. This is good news for me, of course, because I always need the money. But it also makes me terribly nervous. I haven’t taught 1101 in a while and I kind of got used to only online courses. It will be weird going in and instructing face to face. Not to mention the awkwardness of picking up someone else’s plans halfway through the semester.

I confess… I am excited about the money and the fact that the guy’s class meets across campus. I’ll have to walk; mandatory exercise!

I confess… I went home yesterday and downed a few beers. It was the kind of day at work. In fact, slightly miraculous I didn’t cut anyone.

I confess… I didn’t want to like Whole Foods as much as I do. I mean, they are more expensive but I love the feeling of their store and their selection of hippie foods. I’ll still go to Publix for the basics but I foresee weekend WF trips. Also, I know their hot food buffet is good (or, it was in Chicago) so I can see that being a lunch destination. I’m going later; I’ll let you know.

I confess… I haven’t gotten a chance to really appreciate October, my favorite month. I think we’re going to the pumpkin patch this weekend though so that will help. I’m planning to drink some Fall beers and write a little this weekend so that will get me in the mood.

I confess… I am letting Isaac go on the VPK field trip next week, since the 3-4 class was able to participate. It didn’t occur to me that they are going to a place with horses. This was at the fair last year; he was terrified of riding on that thing! Let’s hope he has changed some and I’m not throwing him into a situation he doesn’t want to be in!8152405348_9b5d77815b_c


3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – New stuff, money, almost weekend

  1. Kids are adaptable, you’ll end up hearing more about it than you wanted to, at least that’s how Bruiser runs.
    Good luck with the class–may it be smooth sailing.

  2. I live in a small town, with a small grocery store, and it often doesn’t carry some of the “healthier” items that I want to try or that I see in recipes… A few weeks ago, I was with my sister shopping in the city, and we went to a Farm Boy grocery store – sounds a lot like Whole Foods – I felt like I was at Disney World. LOL

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