Random Tuesday – 10/8


Tuesday, eh? Bring it on!


  • In case you missed my post yesterday – and don’t just HATE when people brag about their kids 😉 – Elliot scored his first touchdown in Saturday’s game. I think I was so proud because he’d been in a super mopey mood and when he’s not feeling something, it’s like he’s a million miles away. I was happy to see him get his head in the game. He also tends to over-think things and get caught up in little stuff. So it was a big deal, to me, to see him excel.
  • I have had a bunch of friends have babies lately and I always feel like that’s exciting. And then I know what they’re going through in the first few weeks and feel the connection between all mothers. Pretty neat.
  • Baby Girl has a doctor’s appointment right…now, if you’re reading this around 9 AM EST. I am looking forward to seeing how much she weighs.
  • So that big tropical storm in the gulf didn’t do much of anything to us, which is nice. It seemed like it was going to rain buckets. It did, however, make it a bit cooler. Yay Fall!
  • I beat level 181 of Candy Crush last night. I have been stuck there since… I think before the baby was born! I was so excited I pretty much shouted and jumped around the house. The kids thought this was great fun and did it too. LOL. It was fairly amusing.
  • Last night’s episode of Bones was both good and bad; I didn’t feel the right amount of closure for the bad guy though. Sad!
  • I’m getting super excited about Luke Bryan on Friday. We’re going to carpool and bring sandwiches and beer because it’s a park and tailgate prior to type thing. I am pumped!
  • In March 2011, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. The left was never bad enough before but I think it is now. So on top of being financially strapped due to kidlet #3, I have to start down the path of that surgery. Luckily, it is relatively inexpensive. It’s just inconvenient.
  • Alright, I have to check email and then load Baby Girl back into the car to head to the doctor. Below you shall find Joshua Michael Brickman. And you will like it. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – 10/8

  1. Congrats to Elliot on his first touchdown! Woo hoo!!!
    Level 181?!?! I’m on 57 or 58 lol. Sometimes they seem impossible, and then some magical combination of things happen after weeks of being stalled, and it almost always catches me by surprise. Candy Crush is definitely the devil!!!

  2. Way to go Elliot! That’s a proud moment for any parent. That is totally cool and fun to connect with other expecting mothers. I remember that feeling very well. The year I was pregnant with my first daughter, two other co-workers were expecting as well. We were all due within weeks of each other, which made it especially fun. I have been getting FB invites to play Candy Crush, but swore off all gaming because it was taking up too much of my time till now. I have gotten sucked back into playing Bejeweled on my tablet. Oh yeah, glad to hear the that big tropical storm in the gulf wasn’t a real problem. Have a good week!

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