WWTK – Some blogging Qs

Incognitus Scriptor

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1. Please follow both of the hosts: Myself and Kenzie

2. Include the super cute button in your post (grab the code above)

3. Link-up and spread the word

4. Don’t forget to have fun!


Answer these as best you can:


1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2. Where do you find your inspiration for posts?
3. Are there any blogger trends you follow?
4. Any trends you don’t like?
5. What advice would you give to a new blogger?

1.) I think what I like most about blogging is how diverse it is and ever-changing. Like, I find cool blogs to read and sometimes they go away but I was a part of those lives for a time. Also, I can be very into writing in my own blog for a while but then back off. It ebbs and flows but is always there.

2.) I usually find it in the form of daily prompts/link-ups but occasionally I will talk about things I am learning about my own life.

3.) Nah, I like to do my own thing.

4.) I can’t think of any annoying blogging trends off the top of my head.

5.) This is what I always tell people: comment! If you comment on other blogs, maybe you won’t get readers right away, but eventually you will. You have to put in the effort. I know it’s not always easy too but in the end, it works.

4 thoughts on “WWTK – Some blogging Qs

  1. Yes it is the friendships and connections in blogging that have kept me going for so long. Commenting is so important to develop those lasting friendships.

  2. Blogging has definitely helped me develop friendships with people I otherwise wouldn’t even know, and for that I am grateful! I love the people I’ve gotten to know through commenting on blogs 🙂

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