Just recap; can’t get started today

Can’t seem to get started in this post. Ahem. Ok, ::cracks knuckles::

Busy weekend! Elliot had an 8:30 game so we were out of the house by 8. They played a team with one of those mean coaches; the kind who yells about every little ticky tack foul and gets in the refs’ faces. I am all for following rules – I am – but these kids are 4-6 years old; you don’t need to be so strict. Anyway, his team won despite fouls, and he got his first touchdown! He had a good long run and did some great juke moves on one of their fastest runners. I was so proud. Sadly, the game went 20 minutes long due to all the dumb penalties so we were late to that 10 AM birthday party we had clear across town. That was…ok. Having so many this past month, we’re just burned out on kid gatherings. They suck the life right out of you.

I felt entirely exhausted the rest of that day. I don’t think we even did much else. Well, Little Mermaid came out on blu-ray but the boys sat through about 20 minutes before getting bored. Guess that movie appeals more to little girls? I always assume every Disney movie is for every kid (and adult!)

Baby girl slept until 5:45 on Sunday morning so I got up, fed her, then decided to stay up and start the day. It’s nice being the only one up. I did some online shopping, read some news, drank my coffee. Then, feeling motivated, I got the kids up and dressed and actually took them to church. Yes, it was a miracle. And? They behaved! And? I rewarded them. We picked up Dunkin Donuts since we hadn’t had breakfast before. So that was a pretty good morning, in my opinion. I got killed in my main fantasy football league, so that sucked. But all in all, the evening was pretty good because I have finally found the courage and will to put more effort into my writing. Every day I shall carve out time and really work towards finishing things. I have a degree; I have been writing stories since I was wee. It’s time to make good on this.

So today I am trying to get my ass in gear; I have papers to grade and have to set up for an online course. Plus, I am submitting a first chapter to a writing contest so I need to polish that and write a 100 word pitch. I have work ahead of me for sure! Happy Monday, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Just recap; can’t get started today

  1. Some people really seem like they should not be coaching kids, especially kids that age that is crazy. My kids both want friend parties this year and yea I just don’t know if it is going to happen as I am kind of over the whole thing.

  2. Only this morning my daughter Natasha told Sydney-May that she downloaded The Little Mermaid for her to watch next time she is over and Sydney jumped around all excited…………so yeah I think it is a little girl movie, not sure if her cousin Blain will like having to watch it with her but he can be pretty good at times with things like this.

    I remember when my girls were babies I would often be up early as they would wake before or around 6ish and I would just stay up and get a start on the day.

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