WWTK – Nothing to fear but fear itself

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Answer these as best you can:


1.) What is one legit fear you have?
2.) What is one irrational fear you have?

3.) Do you like to watch scary movies?

4.) Do you do haunted houses?

5.) Tell us about a time you were irrationally afraid.


1.) Dying! I mean, I don’t wanna go, you guys. I have been very afraid from a young age. I used to think about it as a kid and get so worked up I’d run around my house like crazy until my mom calmed me down

2.) Clowns! Back in the day (like, 1998) I found a picture on the internet of The Scariest Clown Ever. It was black and white and had razor teeth and a pig nose. The closest thing I can find now are pictures of Pennywise but not the one I knew. I don’t like clowns because I think they are secretly mass murderers hiding behind make-up. See also: this movie.

3.) Hell no, I don’t watch scary movies. I have  and it’s a bad idea. I think about them for days afterwards. I know a lot of people like that feeling of suspense and fear but look: I have three kids and there are far scarier things in my own life. I don’t need to feel that suspense. Also, I hate movies where the killer is a real person. Paranormal usually doesn’t bother me as much as a guy who abducts and hurts children.

4.) Hell no on haunted houses too. My sister LOVES Halloween Horror Nights at Universal but I can’t handle it. Funny thing is, I like the look and feel of Halloween and I am intrigued by vampires and insane asylums, etc. But don’t want to be in a mock setting with that stuff. No thanks. (Haunted Mansion at Disney excepted; I love that freaking ride.)

5.) This is going to sound lame but this past Friday. Ash plays cards at a store in the mall and leaves late – like midnight. He’s a grown man and can handle himself but he texted me at 11 saying he lost the game but then wasn’t home for an hour and wasn’t answering texts. I started wondering if someone killed him in the parking lot and how we don’t have living wills and OMG me alone with three kids… hyperventilate. It was completely irrational!

4 thoughts on “WWTK – Nothing to fear but fear itself

  1. Totally feel the same way about death, and also from a very young age.
    I know SO many people who are scared of clowns, but I never had that fear… I also haven’t really seen any of those scary clown movies, so maybe that’s why! LOL

    My imagination can run away with me so fast… scary scenarios can play out in the blink of an eye and have me panicking. I totally get it!

  2. So you are a little scary cat………….well that is ok so am I…………………I just don’t care scary movies what is the point in watching something that is going to scare you shitless

  3. Every time my husband is out late playing cards, I get terrified that something happened to him. I imagine the funeral and how I’m going to live without him…. and then I get scared that God is going punish me for even imagining this! I have issues!

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