Friday Confessions – Let’s do this thing

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I confess… I fell asleep watching the Thursday night game at like, 9 PM. I just suddenly felt exhausted. This is super sad because I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday except run to Walmart in the morning. Luckily, I feel rather motivated today. I’m probably going to finish this post, take Baby Girl for a walk, then after her mid-morning meal, go to the infant room and hang out with those folks.

I confess… I haven’t much allowed myself to think about how I’ll be leaving her there next week… already! Maybe I am not ready for her to go yet. But I am definitely ready to go back to work. Oy, the conflicted life of a working mom.

I confess… I could NEVER be a stay at home mom, so really, there’s no point in going on about it. I would absolutely go out of my mind being home all day with them. Love my kids but I also love balance.

I confess… every day I sit down here at my laptop and have a view out my glass door of the deck. And every day, these tiny little Carolina wrens, who are super loud little birds, perch on this piece of wooden fence and I can NEVER photograph them in time. They are fast and scuttle about. Their tiny feet make loud scratching noises on the roof before they light on the wood. And I can NOT seem to snap a photo. They elude me!

I confess… my friend sent me a link yesterday for a Harlequin writing contest; just first chapter and 100 word pitch. I honestly think I may go for it. What do I have to lose?

I confess… I have a lot to do and even less time to do it in. So I’m out! Have a good weekend, readers. (And here, have a photo:)IMG_9428

2 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Let’s do this thing

  1. She’s a cutie!
    I too could never be a stay at home mom–I’m so not crafty and involved enough. Love my kids, but as you say balance is best.

  2. Ahh she’s adorable!!
    I’d love to be a stay-at-home mom… yet I have many friends who claim they’d go crazy, they want to be at work. Maybe I’ll change my mind someday 😉

    Good luck with the writing contest! You should def go for it 🙂

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