Writer’s Workshop – Get yer Fall on




1.) Happy Fall! The first day of Fall was September 22nd, share something fall related you did!

Two days ago, I went searching our piles of bins in the garage. We’re quite organized so we have stacks of bins, all labeled. Well, a week ago, I couldn’t find my Fall stuff – and I have quite a bit. So when I went back out to find it, I realized why: the sticker I put on it to label somehow got hidden under the lid. I guess I didn’t realize how much the sides of the lid covered the top of said bin. Anyway, I put out a few Fall things, tastefully, about my living room.


I have also partaken in a few pumpkin spice lattes and I scoped out one of the local pumpkin patches, which is one of my favorite things to do. I am looking forward to October, though I know it’s about to be super busy here very soon!

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Get yer Fall on

  1. Stopping by from Mama Kat! What a great candle holder you have in that first pic! LOVE it! I had a set of metal pumpkins that held tealights that were awesome! Happy Fall!

  2. I dug my Fall bin out on Saturday – I don’t have a lot, but I like the touch of Autumn it brings my home. Also changed the scent in my Scentsy warmers – one now has “Pumpkin Roll” and the other has “Honey Pear Cider” – really enjoying them this week! I LOVE Fall!!

  3. I wish I was a decorator. I’ve always wanted to switch things up for each season but I really never have any company so I just never bothered. I admire people who do though. It is time however to switch from my summer air freshener to something fall like!

    1. I am sure I could be doing more; I never think I have enough surfaces in my house to place items but the little space I do have looks pretty good for Fall and Christmas.

  4. I love your fall decorations! This is actually the first year that I’m actually setting up some fun things, so I’ll be buying a storage bin to store them until next year. My future self will be so pleased with my current self. 😉

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