Random Tuesday returns!



Thank God our Tuesday meme has come back!

  • I should be grading papers, as I picked up some extra work at the community college BUT, I am overjoyed that I have a purpose to blog again on Tuesday. (I know Stacy was, you know, busy moving and all that but STILL. 🙂 )
  • Baby Girl is a bit over 5 weeks now and man has she changed. Though some evenings, she is definitely Isaac II The Return The Sequel with the amount of crying she does but you know, sometimes babies just cry.
  • I have a blog post from a long time ago with that title: Sometimes Babies Just Cry; it’s probably about Isaac, the cryingest kid in the world.
  • Luckily, she is mostly good when we go places. Yesterday was Elliot’s first flag football practice and she slept all through that. Directly after, we had open house at his school so she was quiet for the majority of that. I hate having to take everyone to open house but since we were already out and right near the school, it made sense. I like his teacher, though she’s not as amazing as his kindergarten teacher was. But she set the bar pretty damn high.
  • SO I seem to have lost my social security card so I went to order a replacement and you can do it all online until after you pay and then you have to mail your local office original documents. As in, a driver’s license. They say this is more convenient since lines could be long. Doesn’t that seem weird, to mail that to them?
  • I hate when I lose important things!
  • Maternity leave has taught me a few things: time goes quickly sometimes even when you’re not doing anything, it’s very difficult to NOT eat all day when you’re home all day, and daytime TV is the worst. Man, they just have nothing on! With the exception of Bones reruns, it’s all garbage.
  • I have to run these papers back to the school so in a bit, I’ll be driving across town, which I hate doing too. College drivers are the worst.
  • I have a lot more random bits to share but I really need to do the important things first. Peace out!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday returns!

  1. I know daytime TV is pure crap, but the odd day, I crave being home watching it… The Price Is Right, Maury, even some of those old soaps I haven’t watched since I was a kid… Bold & the Beautiful. I’d love just one day home with nothin else to do but watch daytime TV! (but that’s probably because it’s a rainy day here and I’m wishing I was home… heck, this morning I even felt nostalgic for the Care Bears. *sigh*)

  2. College drivers are the worst. The sirens have been popping off daily around here, accidents everywhere now that the students are back in town.
    Seems weird that they want you to mail your driver’s license. Aren’t you supposed to have that with you at all times, when you are, like, driving?

  3. When I was younger I watched the daytime soaps but as I have aged I have found I am no longer interested in them, I do watch tv during the day but I like shows like Judge Judy, The People’s Court and assorted crime shows……..

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